Calculate Your Personal Net Worth

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What industry are you in?

What's your position?

How much do you earn annually?

Fixed assets: Stuff you own

Real Estate Properties

TIP: You may use the selling prices within the neighborhood as basis

Cars and Other Vehicles

TIP: Value depreciates around 20 percent a year

Jewelry and Other Special Items

TIP: Determine value by consulting your appraiser

Monetary assets: Your investments and other sources of income

Bank Accounts

TIP: You may check the net asset value per share on provider’s website

Life Insurance with cash value
Pension plans
Educational plans
Other Assets

Liabilities: Short term

Monthly Bills
Taxes Due

Liabilities: Long term

Leases or Hire Purchase
Auto Loans
Personal Loans
Credit Cards
Other Liabilities

Your total assets:

Your total liabilities:

Your net worth:

Your current net worth sums up how you've been doing financially over the past years. If you have a positive net worth—meaning, you have more assets than liabilities, then great job. Keep it up, and may you never tire of finding ways to acquire more assets and increase your income.

On the other hand, if you have a negative net worth, or more liabilities than assets, there's still time to improve. Rethink your spending habits, let go of depreciating assets, focus on acquiring items that increase in value over time.

This is where you are right now; now it's time to mull over where you want to be—and more important, how to get there.

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