Get Protection Under Your Roof with the Most Affordable Property Insurance in the Philippines

It takes only a few seconds for a fire to burn away everything what one may have spent years to acquire. With the threat of loss of property always looming, will help you simplify everything and find the best fire insurance policy that extends to cover more than the typical insurance policy. Along with affordable premiums, our insurance specialist can help you find other coverage related to loss or damage to the property as well.

Properties that can be covered by fire insurance (also referred to as home or property insurance) include structures used as dwelling units, row houses, townhouses and condominiums. Renters or tenants may also get home insurance for protection of their possessions.

The basic or standard home insurance pays actual loss or damage caused by fire and lightning. The basic policy covers the house and/or your belongings like furniture, appliances, equipment, fixtures and fittings, and personal effects (excluding money and jewelry). The policy will pay you the cost of repairing or rebuilding the house based on present costs. The contents of the house are covered on actual cash basis, which means the replacement cost less depreciation. At, you will only get fire insurance that suits your needs and meets your budget.

Fire insurance is a kind of insurance where the insurer agrees to indemnify or guarantee the insured for financial losses against the destruction or damage or property caused by fire or lighting, or allied perils when such risks are covered by extension to fire insurance policies.

Coverage for all of your valued assets

  • Buildings (complete or under construction), both the structure and contents
  • Stocks in trade, goods or merchandise
  • Business or household appliances, utensils, furniture, fixtures and fittings
  • Betterment and leasehold improvements
  • Personal effects and belonging of every kind and description
  • Other property, such as postage stamps (by special arrangement only), books, motor vehicles and others.

Factors to consider

  • Construction
  • Occupancy
  • Location
  • Boundaries
  • Height of the building
  • Tenancy