Equicom Personal Loan

Hassle-free and higher chance of approval when you apply for a personal loan with Equicom. Tons of benefits await such as a higher loanable amount with special rates and flexible payment schemes.

Equicom Personal Loan

Equicom Personal Loan. Get cash loan with low interest rates and fixed monthly payment terms. Hassle-free and fast application online.


Product Name:
Equicom Personal Loan
With low, flexible and affordable rate
Minimum Amount of Loan:
Maximum Amount of Loan:
Minimum Loan Tenure:
12 months
Maximum Loan Tenure:
48 months
Early Repayment:
5.0% of the remaining principal balance or PHP500.00 whichever is higher

Eligibility and Requirements

Age Range of Borrower:
21-65 years old
Minimum Annual Income:
Income Requirement Remarks:
Apply for as low as PHP20,000.00 monthly income
Employment / Work Status:
Permanent Employee for 0 year / 3 years Business Operations for Self-employed / 3 years of Practice for Professionals / Government Employee for 0 year
Borrower has to have Credit Card:
Guarantor Required:
Collateral Required:
Other Requirements:
Office Landline or Home Phone Number
Need to Open Linked Bank Account:

Application and Approval

Application Channel:
Apply through eCompareMo.com
Approval Duration:
5 to 7 banking days
Approval Duration Remarks:
Be approved in as early as one week

Fees and Charges/Penalties

Loan Processing and Dispersal Fees:
PHP1,500.00 for Employed , PHP2,000.00 for Self-Employed
Early Repayment Penalty:
5.0% of the remaining principal balance or PHP500.00 whichever is higher
Late Payment Penalty:
3.0% per month of the total overdue amount or PHP500.00 whichever is higher

Interest Rates Offered

Product Name: Interest Rate Effective Interest Rate Interest Type
Equicom Personal Loan - 12 months 1.55% 2.73% Monthly Rate
Equicom Personal Loan - 18 months 1.65% 2.89% Monthly Rate
Equicom Personal Loan - 24 months 1.65% 2.86% Monthly Rate
Equicom Personal Loan - 36 months 1.75% 2.92% Monthly Rate
Equicom Personal Loan - 48 months 1.85% 2.97% Monthly Rate


What are the required documents for Equicom personal loan?

  • Completely filled out original application form
  • Photocopy of company ID with picture and signature
  • Photocopy of one (1) valid government issued ID with three (3) specimen signatures
  • Most recent credit card billing statement
  • Proof of residence:
  • Most recent one (1) month proof of billing (i.e. utility bill or lease contract under borrower’s name)
  • One (1) government issued ID with current address (i.e. Driver’s license, NBI, Police Clearance, etc.)

If employed:

  • Most recent one (1) month payslip
  • Certificate of Employment
  • BIR Form 2316

If Self-Employed:

  • Latest ITR with BIR stamp and tax receipt
  • Two (2) years Audited Financial Statements
  • SEC/DTI Certificate of Registration
  • Six (6) months bank statements / passbook
  • Authorization to verify bank account/s
  • Note: Other documents may be required to process the loan.

What are the modes of payment?

  • You may pay your monthly amortization via post-dated checks.

How do I claim my Equicom personal loan proceeds?

  • Your loan will be released through a Manager’s Check, or it will be credited to your Equicom Bank account.

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