5 Things You Must Do Immediately After a Car Accident

Have you been in a car accident before? It’s one of the most jarring circumstances any driver can find himself in–especially if passengers are on-board. 

By Kevin Joshua Ng

While an instance as sudden and as stressful as a car accident can’t be expected, it doesn’t mean that no one can prepare in handling these kinds of situations. So we compiled an easy-to-follow, step-by-step guide on what to do when you’re involved in a car accident. This based on personal experiences from drivers and some advice from experts in traffic management and motoring.

Check for injuries. 

The safety of everyone in a vehicle involved in an accident is the utmost priority. So before doing anything, check if you’re injured. If you’re feeling fine, proceed to check on the status of your passengers. If you or anyone in the vehicle has been injured, call 9-1-1 immediately so first responders can be aware of what happened and provide proper assistance as soon as possible. If no one is in shape to call for help, try not to move and wait for emergency assistance. 

Handle the situation properly. 

If you’re able to take control of the situation, you must handle it the right way. How? Put the hazard lights on so oncoming traffic will be able to identify the situation from a distance. 

  • If your car is still in operating condition, pull it on the side of the road to stop interfering with traffic.
  • Use your early warning device or other markers you have in your vehicle to alert motorists, pedestrians, and responders of the situation you’re in. 

Interact in a calm manner. 

It’s understandable to experience shock in car accidents. Everyone involved will be in a stressful mode. But the last thing anybody wants is for tempers to flare and escalate the situation. It is true that cooler heads prevail. If you’re calm, you might be able to defuse the situation and help the others involved collect themselves as well. You don’t want to add any more problems to the one you’re in. 

List down the necessary details. 

Once your head is clear, exchange information with other drivers involved. These are the important things to list down: Names, addresses, and contact information:

  • Comprehensive car insurance providers and policy numbers 
  • Driver’s licenses and plate numbers 
  • Car make and model 
  • Location of the accident 

In addition, don’t forget to document the accident. Take photos of the damage and the surrounding vicinity. All of these will be needed once you file your car insurance claim for eventual repairs. 

Let the traffic investigators do their job.

There are times that police might be involved with the situation. Let them take command and follow their instructions. Sometimes in the heat of the moment, we can get caught up with everything that has happened that we might hinder or impede the investigation of the officials in control. The SOP or standard operating procedure of the investigators is to take control of the accident. Once everything is under control, they will then proceed to collect details and testimonies from all the parties involved so they can book an incident report. This is instrumental to make sure that those liable will be held accountable for the accident that occurred.

Don’t forget to get the names and contact information of the investigators. You will need their official report to file your insurance claim or in some instances, make your case if it ever comes down to legal matters. 

Additional reminders 

Once everything is done, it’s highly advisable that you contact your insurance provider immediately so they can help you navigate through the situation. They might be able to provide additional assistance beyond claims, depending on the policy you have. 

There’s always a better way to handle a tense and upsetting situation so it can be resolved quickly and without any added hassle. To help you remember what you need to do, keep in mind to always be C-H-I-L-L after a car accident. 

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