RCBC MyWheels Auto Loan

RCBC Car Loan is easily available to customers living in the Philippines at low interest rates per annum and with flexible loan amounts. Applicants can enjoy the added advantage of owning their dream auto or refinancing their existing vehicles for cash with quick loan payments. Apply RCBC Auto Loan through eCompareMo and we will take care of your loan application.

RCBC MyWheels Auto Loan

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Product Name:
RCBC MyWheels Auto Loan
RCBC MyWheels Auto Loan
Minimum Amount of Loan:
Maximum Amount of Loan:
Minimum Loan Tenure:
1 years
Maximum Loan Tenure:
5 years
Early Repayment:
Vehicle Insurance Included
Accepts Third Party Vehicle Insurance:
Accepts Third Party Credit Insurance:
Does Not Require Credit Insurance:
Payment Options:
Application Approval Time:
Loan processing of 1-3 days upon submission of complete documentary requirements

Eligibility and Requirements

Age Range of Borrower:
21-65 years
Minimum Annual Income:
Employment Work Status
Employed - Private Sector for 2 years
Employed - Government for 2 years
Self - Employed for 3 years
Professional for 3 years
Employed - BPO for 2 years
Employed - OFW/Seafarer for 2 years
Applicant Must Have A Landline Phone at Home or Office:
Need to Open Linked Bank Account:
Guarantor Requirements:
Collateral Requirements:

Vehicle Types and Loan Purpose

Eligible Vehicle Types:
Sports Utility vehicle
Vehicle Loan Proceeds Can Be Used For:
Purchase of Brand New Car
Use Owned Vehicle as Collateral for Loan

Interest Rates Offered

Interest for Fixed Period Interest Rate Per Year: Effective Interest Rate Fixed Period:
Interest for 1 year 10.72%
Interest for 1 /2 years 10.60%
Interest for 2 years 10.81%
Interest for 3 years 10.73%
Interest for 4 years 10.83%
Interest for 5 years 11.02%


What are the general eligibility requirements for RCBC Car loan?

Salaried, self-employed individuals, and corporations may apply for an auto loan with the following eligibility requirements:

  • Filipino Citizen/Alien with ACR
  • Between 21-65 years old
  • If married, with marital consent
  • At least 2 years at present residence
  • Permanently employed for 2 years
  • Income 3x monthly amortization

What are the required documents for RCBC auto loan application?


  • Accomplished Application Form
  • Copy of latest Income Tax Return (BIR Form 2316), Certificate of Employment & Compensation
  • ID cards, BIR TIN, Utility Bill


  • Accomplished Application Form
  • Business Registration, Audited Financial Statements & ITR


  • Accomplished Application Form
  • SEC Registration, Articles of Incorporation, By-Laws
  • Audited Financial Statements & ITR, latest GIS

What is the loan tenure for RCBC car loan?

  • RCBC auto loan offers a maximum of 60 months loan tenure for Brand New Units, and maximum of 48 months loan tenure for Second Hand Units.

How much can I borrow at RCBC?

  • RCBC auto loan offers a minimum amount of PHP 300,000.00.

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