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As all our auto insurance partners are fully operational during the community quarantine, we continue to serve all our customers’ requests for policy issuance, renewal, and claims. During this period, we practice safety measures by issuing an electronic policy, or e-policy sent to your email address, which work just as good as the printed copy. Should you want to request for your Certificate of Cover on paper, you may get in touch with our Concierge Advisor and we can make a special arrangement for delivery.

Everyone's a VIP
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A comprehensive car insurance policy is a contract between a vehicle owner and an insurance company that covers the policyholder from financial loss in case something unfortunate happens to their car.

A responsible car owner, you should know that unexpected things can happen to your car, which could result in costly damages. Yes, even while it’s parked safely in a garage.

That's why comprehensive car insurance is important. Paying for a vehicle insurance premium may be costly, but it can save you a lot of headaches later on. Aside from the standard protection and Acts of Nature cover, your policy may entitle you to add-ons that can come in handy later. These include legal assistance, free towing, free lodging, among others.

Coverage of comprehensive car insurance includes:

  1. Bodily injury coverage
  2. Property Damage coverage
  3. Auto personal accident
  4. Comprehensive coverage
  5. Acts of Nature coverage

CTPL is a type of coverage that will financially insulate you from damages incurred to other people.

Comprehensive car insurance casts a wider net on coverage. Apart from the parties involved, all passengers of the vehicle are covered. Coverage is also extended beyond accidents like own damage, theft, bodily injury, property damage, acts of nature, passenger personal accident, etc.

The best way to get car insurance in the Philippines lets you compare multiple car insurance quotes for FREE so you could see which comprehensive car insurance matches your budget. And to top it off, you can apply for your chosen car insurance quote all in one place.

You can do all this and more in

Regardless of insurance providers, insuring your car in the Philippines will require you to do some basic procedures such as submitting important documents and providing your vehicle details. This can be done through eCompareMo's online car insurance application and get your e-policy in as fast as 24 hours.

The cost of auto insurance will depend on the fair market value (FMV) of the vehicle which is the estimated amount a buyer and seller can theoretically agree to.

In the Philippines, the Philippine Insurers and Reinsurers Association (PIRA) periodically updates FMVs for insurance companies.

An e-policy is a digital copy of your comprehensive car insurance policy that shows the total coverage of your insured vehicle.

It's also a convenient way to store your car insurance policy on your mobile devices. You can also print it out to serve as a copy that you can stash in your glovebox.

Car insurance claim process varies depending on the vehicle insurance company and the vehicular incident you were involved in.

There are a number of lists of the requirements and procedures needed for each type of claim: Bodily Injury, Property Damage, Loss or Stolen Vehicle, and Acts of Nature.

You can find out more about filing car insurance claim through this guide here.

Want to make car insurance renewal hassle-free? Let this quick guide help you.

Carefully review insurance coverage and policy components. Renewing your car insurance enables you to modify your policy or change insurance providers. You should review your previous insurance coverage to determine if there is any additional protection you might need.

Compare different insurance providers. Apart from reviewing the insurance coverage, take time to compare different insurance providers as well. Since there are several car insurance companies out in the market, chances are, there are insurance companies that may offer a better deal than your current insurance provider.

Call your vehicle insurance agent. If you decide to renew your policy with your current provider, call your insurance agent about the policy renewal. You can ask them about additional information that you might need, especially if you choose to make some changes in your policy.

Understand the policy contract. Read the fine print carefully before signing any policy contract. You must understand all the terms and conditions stated in your policy. Check if there are any hidden clauses that may cause conflict in the future.

You can read the full car insurance renewal guide here.

A participation fee is the amount billed by insurance companies to their clients whenever they make an insurance claim. If the policyholder would like the insurer to cover the cost of repairs or other types of damages such as bodily injury, the latter will invite the former to “participate” in shouldering the expenses stemming from the insurance claim.

Most insurance companies will ask you to pay out-of-pocket costs before they cover the rest of the expenses based on your car’s type and market value:

  • For smaller vehicles, policyholders are usually billed 0.5 percent of the car’s total market value as participation fee.
  • Meanwhile, insurers ask owners of bigger vehicles such as vans and trucks to pay one percent of the car’s market value as deductible.

For instance, a sedan with a current market value of ₱800,000 with repair expenses totaling ₱70,000 will have the following figures for participation fee:

  • The car’s deductible will be ₱4,000 based on the 0.5 percent participation fee rate of the car’s market value, which is ₱800,000.
  • Meanwhile, the total amount to be shouldered by the car insurance company will be ₱66,000, which is the total repair cost (₱70,000) minus the participation fee (₱4,000).
  • Other insurance companies charge private and commercial vehicles with a participation fee of ₱2,000 and ₱3,000, respectively.
  • Some providers offer fixed deductible, while some also have the first three deductibles waived.

A car insurance can't be cancelled once it's paid for and the policy has been issued. However, your car insurance can be cancelled if you haven't paid for it and the policy hasn't been issued.

You can't transfer your car insurance policy to another vehicle because the policy is exclusively tied with your car. The details in your car insurance policy bears the same details that's specific to your car--as indicated in its OR/CR.

Usually, older cars are easier to insure since their fair market value is lower than newer cars. However, there are certain cases that older cars might actually have increasing market value, such as one-off vehicles, classic cars, and limited releases.

Always consult with your car insurance agent for a quote on your vehicle.

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