Get the Best CTPL Insurance Coverage in the Philippines

In the Philippines, car owners are required to purchase Compulsory Third-Party Liability (CTPL) insurance prior to registering their vehicles with the Land Transportation Office (LTO). eCompareMo offers a fast, pocket-friendly, and hassle-free insurance application process for all vehicle owners. We make sure your CTPL policy is delivered within 24 hours.

What is CTPL?

CTPL is a type of insurance coverage that insures a third-party in the event of an accident. This insurance policy is mandated by the Philippine government for all car owners, regardless of whether the vehicle is for personal or commercial use. Application for CTPL is a prerequisite to the registration of a vehicle with the LTO.

CTPL sample quotes

The rate of CTPL insurance depends on the type of vehicle you have and the insurance provider you will choose. To give you an idea how insurers compute premium rates, here’s a sample computation of the CTPL premium for every vehicle type.

Type of vehicle

Private Car

Commercial Vehicle
Light to medium trucks, not over 3,930 kgs.
Heavy truck and private bus, over 3,930 kgs.

Basic premiumPHP447.11PHP487.03PHP958.08PHP199.60
Documentary Stamp TaxPHP55.89PHP60.88PHP119.76PHP24.95
Value Added TaxPHP53.65PHP58.44PHP114.97PHP23.95
Authentication FeePHP50.40PHP50.40PHP50.40PHP50.40
Local Govt TaxPHP3.35PHP3.65PHP7.19PHP1.50
Net PremiumPHP610.41PHP660.41PHP1,250.40PHP300.40

Disclaimer: The figures indicated above are for illustration purposes only. Actual prices may vary.

Coverages of CTPL

Unlike comprehensive insurance policies in the Philippines, CTPL has a limited coverage since it is chiefly focused on the welfare of the third-party in case of an accident.

Here are some of the benefits provided by a compulsory third-party liability insurance.

  • Death Indemnity
  • CTPL providers offer a cash benefit of a minimum of P70,000 to the third-party person in case of death.

  • Body Injuries and Fractures
  • CTPL insurers provide hospital cash benefit to the third-party person in the event of hospitalization. These benefits include hospital and operating rooms, surgical expenses, drugs and medicine, and ambulance service, among others.

  • Permanent Disablement
  • A cash benefit is provided to a third-party person in the event of dismemberment. Each body part corresponds a certain amount of cash benefit. For example, if the person loses sight of both eyes, he/she can get a cash benefit amounting to P50,000 while if the loss of one eye, the cash benefit will be P20,000.

CTPL application and requirements

For a faster and hassle-free CTPL application, here’s a rundown of the application process and a list of the requirements needed when purchasing a CTPL insurance.

Application process:

  • Shop around to identify which insurance provider offers the best price.
  • Make sure that the company you are applying for is accredited by the LTO and licensed by the Insurance Commission. This will ensure that you are paying an authorized insurance provider.
  • When you are done comparing prices, complete the necessary requirements and submit it to your chosen insurance provider. Ensure that you completely fill out the essential fields in the application form as this will speed up your application.
  • Wait for the confirmation of your policy application.


  • TIN number
  • Vehicle details:
    1. Brand
    2. Manufacturing year
    3. Model or series
    4. Vehicle color
    5. Chassis number
    6. Engine number
    7. Plate number/conduction number
    8. MV File number
  • Premium payment


Who are the third parties?

The third party refers to any person other than the passenger and the driver that the vehicle encounters in an accident.

What are the inclusions of CTPL?

  • Death indemnity
  • Funeral and burial expenses
  • Bodily injuries and fractures
  • Permanent disablement

How much does a CTPL insurance cost in the Philippines?

The premium for CTPL may vary depending on the type of the vehicle, insurance provider, and how long the coverage is. For example, the premium for private cars range from P600-P650 while the rate for trucks starts at P1,200-P1,300 for a one-year coverage.