BDO Personal Loan

Pay your immediate financing needs such as debt consolidation, travel, education, home renovation or any medical emergencies with BDO personal loan. Take advantage of the low interest rates, flexible loan amount, fixed monthly payment terms and hassle-free application online.

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BDO Personal Loan

BDO Personal Loan. Get the best cash loan rates online through BDO with flexible month payment and hassle-free application. Fast approval guaranteed!


Product Name:
BDO Personal Loan
Minimum Amount of Loan:
Maximum Amount of Loan:
Minimum Loan Tenure:
6 months
Maximum Loan Tenure:
36 months
Early Repayment:
Early payment allowed on your outstanding loan
Payment Options:
Pay your loan thru issuance of post dated checks, auto debit arrangement, branch counter, BDO online and phone banking and SM bills payment

Eligibility and Requirements

Age Range of Borrower:
21-70 years old
Minimum Annual Income:
Income Requirement Remarks:
Low income requirement of only PHP120,000.00 annual income for Employed or Salaried individual and PHP400,000.00 for Self-Employed and Professional
Employment / Work Status:
Permanent Employee for 1 year / 2 years Business Operations for Self-employed / 1 year of Practice for Professionals / Government Employee for 1 year
Borrower has to have Credit Card:
Guarantor Required:
No Co-maker or Guarantor required
Collateral Required:
No Collateral required
Other Requirements:
Just bring your valid ID's and Proof of income
Need to Open Linked Bank Account:

Application and Approval

Application Channel:
Approval Duration:
Between 7 and 10 banking days
Approval Duration Remarks:

Fees and Charges/Penalties

Loan Processing and Dispersal Fees:
PHP1,300.00 deducted from loan proceeds
Early Repayment Penalty:
Pay off your outstanding balance but with a corresponding fee
Late Payment Penalty:
PHP300.00 or 5% of the unpaid installment due, whichever is higher.

Interest Rates Offered

Product Name: Interest Rate Effective Interest Rate Interest Type
BDO Personal Loan - 6 months 1.30% 26.27% p.a Monthly Rate
BDO Personal Loan - 12 months 1.25% 26.63% p.a Monthly Rate
BDO Personal Loan - 18 months 1.25% 26.76% p.a Monthly Rate
BDO Personal Loan - 24 months 1.25% 26.58% p.a Monthly Rate
BDO Personal Loan - 36 months 1.25% 25.98% p.a Monthly Rate


What are the required documents to apply for a BDO personal loan?


  • A photocopy of the latest Income Tax Return (ITR) duly stamped as received by the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) or BIR Form 2316 signed by employer's authorized representative (MANDATORY)
  • Latest full month's payslip/s or COE that indicates status, length of service, and breakdown of compensation

Self-Employed and Professionals:

  • Photocopy of the latest Income Tax Return (ITR) duly stamped as received by the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) and Audited Financial Statements for at least two (2) years (MANDATORY)
  • Photocopy of registration of Business Name (MANDATORY): (Single Proprietorship: DTI Registration or Partnership/Corporation: SEC Registration)
  • Last six (6) months' bank statements (OPTIONAL)

What are the modes of payment?

  • You can pay your monthly amortization via BDO Branch Counters, eBanking, Phone Banking, Call Center, SM Bills Payment Counters, and Save More Market Branches.

What are the eligibility requirements for BDO personal loan application?

  • Applicant must be a Filipino citizen or a foreigner living in the Philippines for a period of more than two (2) years.
  • He/she must at least be 21 years old at the time of application but no more than 70 years old upon loan maturity.
  • He/she must have at least one (1) residential or business landline.
  • Employees must be staying with the company for at least one (1) year.
  • Self-employed individuals must be a sole proprietor or majority part-owner of a company. The company must be operating for at least two (2) years.
  • Professionals must be doing private practice for at least one (1) year.

How do I claim my BDO personal loan proceeds?

  • Your loan proceeds will be credited to your BDO bank account.

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