Leverage Loan for Business Owners

Perfect for businesses looking to finance short-term needs whether it's for purchasing new equipment, getting capital for new venture, or covering emergency expenses, Leverage ph offers fast and hassle-free SME loans for business owners to help you achieve your goals. Flexible payment terms of up to 12 months and fastest turn-around time of 5-10 business days. Fulfill your dream business. Start applying today!

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Leverage Loan for Business Owners

Leverage Business Loan Application. You can now get personal loan to start your business at a low interest rate and easy payment terms. Apply online today!


Product Name:
Leverage Loan for Business Owners
Loan for Business Owners
Minimum Amount of Loan:
Maximum Amount of Loan:
Minimum Loan Tenure:
12 months
Maximum Loan Tenure:
12 months
Payment Options:
Post Dated Checks

Eligibility and Requirements

Age Range of Borrower:
21-50 years old
Minimum Annual Income:
Income Requirement Remarks:
Apply for as low as PHP30,000.00 monthly income
Employment / Work Status:
1 year Business Operations for Self-employed
Borrower has to have Credit Card:
Guarantor Required:
Collateral Required:
Other Requirements:
Need to Open Linked Bank Account:

Application and Approval

Application Channel:
Approval Duration:
5 to 7 days
Approval Duration Remarks:

Fees and Charges/Penalties

Loan Processing and Dispersal Fees:
Processing fee of PHP2,000.00 or 5% of loan whichever is higher
Early Repayment Penalty:
Late Payment Penalty:

Interest Rates Offered

Product Name: Interest Rate Effective Interest Rate Interest Type
Loan for Business Owners - 12 months 3.50% Monthly Rate

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