Banking Tips

Long-term vs short-term financial goals
Gibson Perez

Short-Term Vs. Long-Term Financial Goals: What You Need To Save For

You work and you earn. You earn and spend and, hopefully, save. With all the needs every day and the needs of the future, sometimes it’s confusing what saving...

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Debt Consolidation
Gibson Perez

Debt Consolidation: Ways To Settle Your Loans Into A Single Payment

The enhanced community quarantine throughout Luzon has crippled our economy, causing a high percentage of people to stop working and stay at home in hopes to sl...

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Gibson Perez

PNB Online Banking Processes For Your 24/7 Convenience

Following the progressive trend of businesses going digital, the Philippine National Bank (PNB) has also launched their PNB Mobile App to serve customers’ con...

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Calamity Loans Philippines
Gibson Perez

How To Apply For A Calamity Loan In Case Of Emergency

GSIS, SSS, and Pag IBIG: Application Guide 2020Let’s face it: Even we are prepared for the rainy days, we can still get shocked with what can happen when the ...

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Personal Loans In The Philippines With The Lowest Interest Rates
Kristel Serran

2020 Update: Personal Loans In The Philippines With The Lowest Interest Rate...

Interest rates are to personal loans what colors are to cars and shoes. They're the first thing you see when looking to borrow money from a financial institutio...

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How To Apply For A Metrobank Credit Card
Leah Ramos

Metrobank Credit Card Application 2020: Getting The Best Card For Your Lifes...

Being one of the largest banks in the Philippines, Metrobank offers some of the best credit cards in the market.Metrobank credit cards provides a wide variety o...

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What Your Credit Card's Cashback Program Means
Mark Alano

Credit Card Cashback Program In The Philippines

If you think credit cards are primarily instruments of debt, there is a way to earn money while shopping for your favorite items or paying daily expenses. Cashb...

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Dino Mari Testa

How To Apply For The Credit Card Amnesty Program In The Philippines

Did you know that banks offer a credit card amnesty program that can save you from ballooning card debt?For people who have unpaid credit cards, the Credit Card...

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Bank Codes in the Philippines
Kia Navarro

Bank Codes In the Philippines: A Complete List Of SWIFT And PayPal Codes

When it comes to banking transactions locally and internationally, bank codes, SWIFT codes, and PayPal codes are required to complete the exchange. You may be a...

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Car Loan Denied
Cloey Mangali

What To Do When Your Car Loan Gets Rejected: A Step-By-Step Guide

Car loan approval criteria differ from one lender to another. You may have heard from a friend about how easy it was for them, but things don’t always go as s...

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