5 Best No Annual Fee Credit Cards Of 2016

Credit cards vary in terms of rewards and benefits, but all this may come at a price. Most banks, especially the ones loaded with value-added perks, offset these rewards with their annual membership fees. They can be waived for the first year, true, but after that, cardholders will be required to pay for as long as they’re using the card. This can be impractical for people who do not use their cards that often.

Here, we’ve compiled the five best credit cards in the Philippines that offer free annual fees. Some of them can be extended to your supplementary cardholders and come with a minimum annual spend amount. Take time to go through each card to find the one that truly suits your lifestyle.

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1. Security Bank Platinum MasterCard

5 Best No Annual Fee Credit Cards Of 2016

Security Bank Platinum MasterCard comes with perks guaranteed to add more quality to your lifestyle, with an added bonus of waived membership fees for you and your supplementary credit cardholders. You may have it automatically waived by spending a total of at least P250,000 for the whole year. By simply using your credit card regularly, you get more rewards points and maximize your benefits as a loyal Security Bank Platinum MasterCard holder.

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Other perks include pre-departure VIP treatment with their free airport lounge access to MIASCOR and NAIA Terminal 3 Skyview lounge. World MasterCard also offers 24/7 Travel Assistance to ensure someone has your back wherever you go.

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2. Citi Rewards Card


The Citi Rewards Card come with more value added features with its no expiry rewards points. Having one of the lowest rewards conversion of one point for every P30 spent, it lets you redeem almost anything using your points. Spend anywhere and exchange your rewards into dining, shopping, and airline miles conversion.

And because of their no-expiry rewards, you are entitled to waived annual membership fees when you convert your Citi Rewards Points. The annual membership fee waiver extends to your supplementary cardholders. Earn points as you spend, getting more value with greater rewards.

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3. BDO Platinum MasterCard


Bringing flexible and higher credit limit, BDO Platinum MasterCard lets you manage your finances and settle your purchases with their dual currency feature – in US Dollar or Philippine Peso. Travel and spend anywhere, with free access to local and international VIP airport lounges as a Priority Pass member.

After a year of spending at least P420,000 using your BDO Platinum MasterCard, your annual membership fee is automatically waived. This extends to a lifetime of free annual fee for up to six (6) of your supplementary credit card holders.

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4. BPI Express Credit


The best starter credit card for frequent online shoppers, BPI Express Credit comes with special features for a more secure and convenient online shopping. Your card is given a lower credit limit with a different credit card number assigned for added security. If you already have an existing BPI Credit Card, this can serve as an extension for all your e-purchases, not to mention a great way to control yourself from overspending when shopping online.

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And because this credit card is perfect for budget-savvy shoppers, it also comes with free for life annual membership fee. Even your supplementary cardholders won’t have to worry about paying for such a convenient credit card. If you’ve never had one, this will easily build you a good credit score.

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5. RCBC Black Card Platinum MasterCard


Take non-expiring rewards points, free travel insurance and purchase protection, and you’ve got the ideal credit card for your lifestyle. Owning an RCBC Black Card Platinum MasterCard lets you in on world-class privileges anywhere you go, with free access to MIASCOR and Skyview Lounges at local airports.

For every P36 spent, you get one rewards point you can exchange for airline miles, cash rebates, and even cash credit to your RCBC Bankard. Your annual membership fee will be automatically waived if you spent a total of at least P500,000 for one year. This privilege is extended to a maximum of five (5) supplementary credit cards, with free for life annual membership fees.

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Which card is your favorite? Share your thoughts in the comments.