Which iPhone 8 Postpaid Plan Offers More Bang For Your Buck?

If you’re in the market for a new phone this holiday season, we’re pretty sure that the iPhone 8 (and its big brother the iPhone 8 Plus) is in your radar.

Since we’ve covered the more technical stuff like the specs and price of the iPhone 8 in the Philippines, let’s talk about something more realistic: How do you plan to afford Apple’s latest smartphone? How do Globe plans stack up against Smart iPhone packages?

Whether you’re charging your new iPhone to your credit card or planning to burn your 13th month pay and Christmas bonuses…well, good news, because you have a few options available.

For starters, you can buy one off-contract from Apple starting at P64,990 for the 64GB iPhone 8. If you like living on the edge, gray market sellers are also offering the iPhone 8 for a slightly lower price. However, the most practical way to get the iPhone 8 in the Philippines is through a postpaid plan.

Both Smart and Globe have already announced their iPhone 8 prices, with the carriers offering both the 8 and 8 Plus under different plan tiers. Whether you’re a new applicant or merely recontracting, we checked out which iPhone 8 plan is the best deal for you.

iPhone 8 Globe plan

The Ayala-owned telco offers the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus at all ThePLAN and ThePLATINUM tiers. By default, for all postpaid plans with a handset issued, customers will be tied in a lock-in period of 24 months. Without looking at the contract specifics, here’s what you should expect from the latest iPhone Globe plans for both 64GB versions of the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus:


COST BREAKDOWN (iPhone 8 64GB/iPhone 8 Plus 64GB)

ThePLAN 599

Monthly fee: P599

One-time cash-out: P38,000 / P46,800

Total: P38,599 / P47,399

ThePLAN 799

Monthly fee: P799

One-time cash-out: P36,000 / P45,600

Total: P36,799 / P46,399

ThePLAN 999

Monthly fee: P999

One-time cash-out: P31,200 / P40,800

Total: P32,999 / P41,799

ThePLAN 1299

Monthly fee: P1,299

One-time cash-out: P30,000 / P39,600

Total: P31,299 / P40,899

ThePLAN 1499

Monthly fee: P1,499

One-time cash-out: P28,800 / P38,400

Total: P30,299 / P39,899

ThePLAN 1799

Monthly fee: P1,799

One-time cash-out: P19,200 / P28,800

Total: P20,999 / P30,599

ThePLAN 1999

Monthly fee: P1,999

One-time cash-out: P19,200 / P28,800

Total: P21,199 / P30,799

ThePLAN 2499

Monthly fee: P2,499

One-time cash-out: P12,000 / P21,600

Total: P14,499 / P24,099

ThePLATINUM Plan 3799

Monthly fee: P3,799

One-time cash-out: P7,200 / P18,000

Total: P10,999 / P21,799

ThePLATINUM Plan 4999

Monthly fee: P4,999

One-time cash-out: P2,400 / P10,800

Total: P7,399 / P15,799

ThePLATINUM Plan 7999

Monthly fee: 7999

One-time cash-out: FREE / FREE

Total: P7,999 / P7,999

If you want to get an iPhone 8 contract via Globe, keep in mind that the cash-out plan will be paid upon application. For instance, if you apply for ThePLAN 999 and you choose the iPhone 8 64GB as the issued handset, you must pay P32,999 upfront.

The only way to make the cash-out payment lighter is via credit card. Globe offers an installment for up to 24 months via participating credit cards.

If you’re a cardholder and leaning toward ThePLAN 999, you only must pay around P2,375 every month. If not, maybe this is the best time to get one.

Based on their iPhone postpaid contracts, almost all plans have a one-time cash-out, which diminishes as the monthly contract price becomes more expensive. Only ThePLATINUM Plan 7999 offers both the base models of iPhone 8 and 8 Plus for free.

For the rest, Globe postpaid applicants must pay the one-time payment for the smartphone upon application.

iPhone 8 Smart plan

The Pangilinan-led PLDT subsidiary Smart is making Apple’s newest smartphones available via two types of packages: Smart’s iPhone Plans and the classic All-In Plans. The former is exclusive to iPhone units—with predefined consumables like mobile data, call allowance, and free data —while the latter is Smart’s usual postpaid contracts that are customizable depending on the user’s preference.

To know how much you have to have ready, here are the iPhone 8 prices of Smart for both their iPhone Plans and All-In Plans. The rates are both for iPhone 8 and 8 Plus 64GB models:

Smart iPhone Plans

PLAN COST BREAKDOWN (iPhone 8 64GB/iPhone 8 Plus 64GB)
iPhone Plan 599

Monthly fee: P599

One-time cash-out: P36,300 / P42,100

Total: P36,899 / P42,699

iPhone Plan 799

Monthly fee: P799

One-time cash-out: P31,100 / P36,900

Total: P31,899 / P37,699

iPhone Plan 999

Monthly fee: P999

One-time cash-out: P28,700 / P34,500

Total: P29,699 / P35,499

iPhone Plan 1499

Monthly fee: P1,499

One-time cash-out: P24,000 / P28,800

Total: P25,499 / P30,299

iPhone Plan 1999

Monthly fee: P1,999

One-time cash-out: P16,800 / P24,000

Total: P18,799 / P25,499

iPhone Plan 2499

Monthly fee: P2,499

One-time cash-out: P12,000 / P16,800

Total: P14,499 / P19,299

iPhone Plan 2999

Monthly fee: P2,999

One-time cash-out: P4,800 / P12,000

Total: P7,799 / P14,999

Smart All-In Plans

PLAN COST BREAKDOWN (iPhone 8 64GB/iPhone 8 Plus 64GB)
All-In Plan 500

Monthly fee: P500

One-time cash-out: P37,000 / P42,800

Total: P37,500 / P43,300

All-In Plan 800

Monthly fee: P800

One-time cash-out: P34,800 / P40,600

Total: P35,600 / P41,400

All-In Plan 1200

Monthly fee: P1,200

One-time cash-out: P31,000 / P37,000

Total: P32,200 / P38,200

All-In Plan 1800

Monthly fee: P1,800

One-time cash-out: P25,000 / P31,000

Total: P26,800 / P32,800

All-In Plan 2500

Monthly fee: P2,500

One-time cash-out: P18,500 / P24,500

Total: P21,000 / P27,000

Smart’s iPhone Plan program may allow subscribers to more easily own an iPhone—but it comes with a price. For instance, the iPhone Plan 599 not only has a one-time cash-out fee of P36,899, the meager package includes only 2GB of mobile data allocation and 30 minutes of all-net calls.

In addition, Smart hasn’t announced a plan tier that includes the iPhone 8 for free, albeit they have a premium postpaid service called Smart Infinity. The carrier hasn’t announced its iPhone 8 program for the Smart Infinity contracts as of the moment.

Like Globe, Smart also offers 24-month installment on cashout via credit card for all plans. However, the carrier stepped up their game by offering cardless installment for their iPhone Plans. According to Smart’s website, subscribers of iPhone Plans 1499 and higher can opt for a monthly installment on their cashout.

Getting the new iPhone is never cheap, even in the past. Still this doesn’t stop people from waiting for the newest version of Apple’s smartphone to become available. And there’s no judgment on that.

If you want to spend your money on something that makes you happy, why not? After all, the holidays are just around the corner.