Tweets Proving That Christmas In The Philippines Is Uniquely The Best

There are numerous reasons why the Yuletide festivities in the Philippines trigger a strong sense of nostalgia – especially among OFWs away from home.

We may not have a winter wonderland and falling snowflakes. But we have our own traditions and distinct customs that make our holiday season one of the merriest celebrations in the world.

The Holy Trinity of Christmas is Jesus, Jose Mari Chan and Mariah Carey

The Philippines is a title holder of the longest Christmas season in the world.

Competition between malls is more than about sales

Long ATM queueing means long checkout lines. #WillingToWait

The line starts even from the road

Good thing online shopping and free shipping is on the rise 

Food Fest is expected, with the perfect lineup of Christmas food staples

Taking it to the streets, level-up caroling is a thing

The thrill of exchanging gifts is worth the stress though

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The weekly Monito-Monita is an affordable training for creativity and imagination

It’s also the season of payback time

Also: A season of hide and seek

There’s an abundance of envelopes from all directions

And the fashion aurahan on Simbang Gabi

The real ‘Star ng Pasko’ is the cash that’s about to slide into your bank account

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