If Your Officemates Were ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Characters

Today, all roads lead to Avengers: Infinity War.

The world will now get to witness what all the Marvel Cinematic Universe films have been building from the very beginning.

avengers infinity war

Directed by the Russo Brothers, Infinity War will pit the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s superhero ensemble against Thanos, who will stop at nothing to get his hands in the all-powerful Infinity Stones.

With the fate of the universe hanging in the balance, the Avengers are the only ones standing between Thanos and total domination of the universe.

With more than two dozen actors billed to grace the silver screen, we can’t help but think that the Avengers are like the employees of a large office; every character a part of a larger team and unique in his own way.

Who do you think is your closest Avenger equivalent based on your personality in the workplace?

The Lodi Boss: Iron Man

He’s smart, cool, charismatic, and effective. He drives the fanciest car and dresses the sharpest in the meeting room. But try not to mistake his coolness for ineptitude because underneath that flashy veneer is a strong work ethic.

The Cool TL: Captain America

If you’re in a tight spot, whether because of work or personal reasons, this is the boss who’s got your back; he would even fight the other bosses for you. There’s a reason Cap wields a shield, you know (hint: it’s not for some frisbee action).

Terror Boss: Thanos

Instead of leading by example, your Thanos-like boss rules a company using fear and intimidation. Although people underneath him are afraid of him, he won’t win their respect even after a thousand lifetimes.

The Low-Key Burgis: Black Panther

This guy is so down-to-earth he seems boring, but he is actually seriously loaded. Don’t be surprised if you see him fetched by a convoy after work!

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The Good Juju Guy: Doctor Strange

Feeling ill? Let the resident new age hippie guy heal your broken chakras with salt lamps and spiritual stones! He has extensive knowledge of healing energies, crystals, and other mystical stuff from some ancient civilization.

Yung Nasa Loob ang Kulo: The Hulk

Smashing the keyboard furiously, slamming the toilet doors, and always wearing a sour face when no one’s looking—you’re better off not trifling with this workmate. Whatever happens, never get on his bad side or you’ll get the Hulk smash.

The Gym Bro: Thor

He rushes to the gym almost every day after work and worships the church of Bench Pressbyterianism and Jehovah’s Fitness. Although he eats meat and drinks a protein shake for lunch, he’s still always game to catch up with you after his workout for “two bottles” at the after-work watering hole—and hindi mo siya mapapatumba sa inuman.

Doble Kara: Loki

Be careful whenever you’re around this person. In the morning, you may be spilling your guts out to this person—and in the afternoon, he’s telling your sob story to the rest of the office. He’s just like that.

The Femme Fatale: Black Widow

She may look devilishly beautiful on the outside, but she’s a true and hyper-competent assassin when on the job. Don’t let her looks deceive you because she can take your spot if she wants to anytime.

The Power Couple: Scarlet Witch and Vision

Almost every single time you see them, they’re being very sweet to one another. Because of this, everyone picks on them because they’re happy and everyone else is just jealous of their blossoming romance.

The Hipster: Star-Lord

The Walkman says it all. Besides, if you still think mixtapes are better than playlists, then you’re probably a full-fledged hipster who owns a typewriter and a Chemex coffee maker. He’s always ready to explain why this new-old thing is actually the best thing ever.

The Brooding Emo: Bucky Barnes

He’s a man of few words and a million thoughts. His hair is long enough to hide his expressionless eyes that are lost in a sea of internal philosophical monologues. If you talk to him about the meaning of life, make sure you’ve read the Spark Notes version of Kierkegaard.

The Bebe Boy Intern: Spider-Man

He’s still young and idealistic yet full of potential. Although adulting will beat the hell out of him, let’s hope that he keeps that fiery passion alive once he becomes a full-fledged member of the working population.

El Bimbo: Mantis

If you have this person in the office, it’s highly likely you’ve been explaining jokes to her since the day you met. Although she’s not the sharpest tool in the shed, she’s still a better person than some other coworkers (looking at you, Loki).

The Large Ham: Falcon

He chews the scenery whenever he chews the fat with you. You just can’t ignore him when he’s around because he makes grand gestures and talks so loudly that the other departments can hear what he’s saying.

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The Procrastinator: Ant-Man

He seems like the person who won’t be able to finish everything because he’s always slacking off. But when push comes to shove, this guy will deliver his work faster than your boss Thanos can say “you’re fired.”

The Dream Daddy: Drax

He’s the fatherly figure that protects the members of the pack. Whether you call him daddy—or daddy—is out of the question. And oh, he also has a terrible taste in jokes like the quintessential tito.

The Bookworm: Wong

If you’re hanging out with this guy, chances are he won’t shut up about how physical books are better than e-books. He would even have a huge collection stashed on his desk. Don’t get us wrong, though, he pulls his weight and is the kind of guy you want at your side.

The Suck-Up: War Machine

Urban Dictionary defines sipsip as a person who does “undignified and obsequious debasement or ingratiation of oneself to another in the hope of currying favor.” Though he may be competent on his own, he tends to play backup to a more charismatic boss. It’s highly likely he’s also hungry for favors and a raise.

The Tree Hugger: Groot

He is Groot. Nuff said.