Hilarious ATM Stories That Will Have You Saying ‘I Can Relate’

Your friendly, neighborhood automated teller machine (ATM) can be a godsend when you need to quickly get cash—or it can be a space for head-scratching misadventures.

Despite the sometimes long and winding queues and potential security threats, the need to quickly have cash on hand ensures that the ATM will always be a part of daily Filipino life.

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Sometimes the task of lining up to get money from the ATM is smooth and uneventful, sometimes, however, it can get so bad it’s hilarious. Here are some Tweets about ATM mishaps that will trigger your guffaws.

Beginner’s luck hexed by first-time jitters.

Too much excitement about going to Starbucks.

Can somebody enlighten us?

Oh, here’s a feasible theory.

An encounter with automated divine intervention.

Your first and all-time reliable bank—BDM

Nothing makes your ATM trip more worthwhile than getting your money and a good selfie too!

We assume that online delivery of money is next?

Machines can be speechless too—in paper form.

Maybe Manuel Roxas left his post and is already resting for good?

You’ve been warned. What do you do?