19 Best Sinigang Restaurants In Manila 2019

All the best sinigang restaurants in Manila are listed down here to warm you up this rainy season.

A hot, steamy, and savory soup is irresistible on this meditative and cuddly weather. Get ready as we present you the traditional and modern takes of our favorite Filipino dish.

20 Best Sinigang Restaurants in Manila 2019

Where to find the tastiest sinigang

In Metro Manila, the number of restaurants may be overwhelming aside from the wide variety of this quintessentially Filipino dish. There’s too much to try that we don’t know if it will break or make you. To save you time and wasting your money, this article will give you a list of the quality places to have the tastiest version of it.

First, let’s take a quick look at sinigang dishes from popular restaurants around the Metro:

Base Variety Where to go
Pork Kimchinigang (pork with kimchi) Locavore
Kurobuta (Japanese black pig) Mamou
Sinangag (fried rice with boiled pork belly) Kanin Club
Baboy in Guava and Pineapple Mesa
Bagnet (deep fried, crispy pork belly) Bagnetude 5.1
Lechon with Strawberry Empacho
Paella with Grilled Pork Belly Neil’s Kitchen
With Ube (purple yam) Abe
Kadyos, Baboy, Langka (purple bean + langka) Aracama
Beef Sizzling Locavore
Ultimate Asimbull (classic beef) Bullchef
Fresh Corned Beef with Chorizo Café Juanita
Beef Sukiyaki (sukiyaki + risotto) The Lost Bread
Corned Beef Sentro 1771
Short Rib and Watermelon Manam
Seafood Lamang Dagat (salmon, shrimp, squid) Wooden Spoon
Hipon with Sampalok (tamarind + mango) Corazon
Salmon sa Miso Romulo Café
Bangus ti Bayabas (milkfish and guava) Victorino’s
with Santol (shrimp in cotton fruit) Bench Café

Does that whet your appetite? What variant do you think will hit the spot? Let’s take a closer look at where and for how much you can sate your sinigang craving.

1. Bullchef

Address: 4 East Capitol Drive Kapitolyo, Pasig Contact number: 0916 338 3898

Sinigang dish: Ultimate Asimbull

Price: P614

Image Source: Bullchef Facebook Page

This is a traditional offering that comes with tender beef shanks (bulalo) and surprise-filled marrow bones soured with tamarind. The soup is tangy and rich thickened by melted fat. It’s a real guilty pleasure.

2. Cafe Juanita

Address: 19 West Capitol Drive, Kapitolyo, Pasig Contact number: (02) 632-0357

Sinigang dish: Fresh Corned Beef Sinigang with Chorizo

Price: P581

Image Source: Cafe Juanita Facebook Page

If you want to have a bowl of the dish that seemingly cooked by your mom at home, this is for you. No fancy garnishes, just the homey and familiar taste we all loved since we’re kids. The corned beef with chorizo is a little twist you should try.

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3. Aracama

Address: The Fort Strip, 5th Avenue Corner 26th Street, Taguig City Contact number: (02) 519-6815

Sinigang dish: Kadyos, Baboy, Langka

Price: P420

Image Source: Arcama Facebook Page

This Ilonggo version of your favorite dish is something to discover. Kadyos refers to the purple beans while Langka or batwan refers to the thickening agent replacing taro.

4. Locavore

Address: 10 Brixton St, Pasig, 1603 Metro Manila or Three Central, Valero, Makati, Metro Manila Contact number: (02) 632 9600 (Pasig), (02) 879 2667 (Makati)

Sinigang dish: Kimchinigang Price: P495

Image Source: Locavore Facebook Page

Pork belly in a bowl of sour soup with spicy kimchi may sound weird to you, but even if you’re not into K-pop this hybrid dish might just be the new food adventure you’re looking forward to.

Sinigang dish: Sizzling Sinigang Price: P550

Image Source: Locavore Facebook Page

Although missing the soup, its gravy is infused with tamarind tartness we’ve grown to love. Its tender beef ribs seem to melt in your mouth with every bite. It’s truly addictive especially with calamansi (Philippine lime) and chili—perfect pulutan!

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5. Mamou

Address: Rockwell, Ortigas, and Fort Bonifacio Contact number: 0917 8062668

Sinigang dish: Kurobuta Sinigang Price: P475

Image Source: Mamou Facebook Page

What if this Filipino dish was made Japanese? Mamou tries to answer that question, serving you that familiar thick soup soured by tamarind and tomatoes (which gave it the red color) with kurobuta or Japanese black pig meat. It also comes with bagoong.

6. Kanin Club

Address: UP AyalaLand TechnoHub Contact number: +63 2 332 5978

Sinigang dish: Sinangag na Sinigang Price: P235

Image Source: opensnap.com Photo by: annamaelb

We are used to this Filipino dish with its soup we’re guilty of slurping, but Kanin Club had the novel idea to transfer the taste into the rice itself! The meat and vegetables? It’s a pair of boiled pork belly and tempura greens topped on the fried rice.

7. The Lost Bread

Address: 201 Katipunan Avenue Ext. Proj. 4 Quezon City (building behind House of Bulalugaw) Contact number: 282-6726

Sinigang dish: Sinigang Beef Sukiyaki Price: P280

Image Source: The Lost Bread Fcebook Page

The eclectic pair of beef sukiyaki (Japanese) and risotto rice (Italian) as a unique sinigang (Filipino) dish will truly delight your taste buds! Fried kangkong is an added treat.

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8. Wooden Spoon

Address: P1 Power Plant Mall Cor Estrella St 1210, Rockwell Dr, Makati, Metro Manila Contact number: (02) 403 3585

Sinigang dish: Sinigang Lamang Dagat Price: P375

Image Source: Wooden Spoon Facebook Page

Seafood and sinigang? Take all my money! The soup soured by fragrant herbs and heated by green finger chilies is filled with salmon, shrimp, and squid. The bowl is perfect for the cold season especially that it’s also filled with a lot of kangkong.

9. Mesa

Address: 264 Tomas Morato Corner Scout Fernandez, Diliman, Quezon City Contact number: (02) 441 5197

Sinigang dish: Sinigang na Baboy in Guava and Pineapple Price: P385

Image Source: Mesa Facebook Page

This could’ve been an ordinary version with pork base, except it was unconventionally soured by guava and pineapple. The soup has a creamy, tropically vibrant flavor.

10. Bagnetude 5.1

Address: North Hive Food Park, Don Faustino St., near cor Holy Spirit Drive, Quezon City Contact number: 0949 314 2295

Sinigang dish: Sinigang na Bagnet Price: P699 (includes other meals)

Image Source: Bagnetude 5.1 Facebook Page Photo by North Hive Food Park

The base of the dish is bagnet, instead of the soft, boiled pork commonly served. A bagnet is pork belly boiled and fried deep to utter crispiness. The bowl is considered a soup of chicharron— nice!

11. Sentro 1771

Address: Sentro Capitol Commons, Pasig City Contact number: (02) 757 4259

Sinigang dish: Sinigang na Corned Beef Price: P595

Image Source: Sentro 1771 Facebook Page

Sour and salty blends in this bowl of boneless beef cuts and short ribs that might just become your favorite sinigang variation.

12. Corazon

Address: 4/F East Wing, Shangri-La Plaza East Wing, Mandaluyong City Contact number: 687-1955

Sinigang dish: Sinigang na Hipon with Sampalok Price: P430

Image Source: corazon.ph

Shrimps are great source of delight and with Corazon’s creation, you can enjoy these shrimps already de-veined. If you think tamarind is already tangy enough, you haven’t tasted this dish, which also uses an unripe mango as a souring agent with lemon-like taste.

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13. Empacho

Address: 2/F Unit 201 #170 Tomas Morato Avenue Corner Don Roces Barangay Sacred Heart QC Contact number: 0917 467 1816

Sinigang dish: Sinigang na Lechon with Strawberry Price: P490

Image Source: Empacho Facebook Page Photo by What To Eat PH

When it comes to novelty, this rendition of Empacho tops it all by using strawberry as the souring agent of the soup. The lechon belly is also smoked which gave a flavorful taste of a recipe that is seemingly borrowed from the Cordilleras.

14. Romulo Café

Address: 32 Scout Tuason Corner Drive Quezon City Contact number: 332-7273 / 332-7275

Sinigang dish: Sinigang na Salmon sa Miso Price: P418

Image Source: romulocafe.com

The salmon belly is already delicious but enhanced at greater level by the mustard greens and the fermented soybeans (that gives the fifth taste known as umami).

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15. Manam

Address: Level 1, Greenbelt 2, Ayala Center, Greenbelt, Makati City Contact number: (02) 511 8401

Sinigang Dish: Sinigang na Beef Short Rib and Watermelon Price: P720 (Large)

Another variant of the favorite Filipino dish is an original recipe of this restaurant—beef short ribs on a soup with watermelon. Although the main souring agent is still tamarind, the slices of watermelon add a subtle sweetness to the bowl.

16. Victorino’s

Address: 11th Jamboree, Diliman, Quezon City, Metro Manila Contact number: 0917 833 4148

Sinigang dish: Sinigang nga Bangus ti Bayabas Price: P390

Image Source: Spot.ph

Aside from inihaw, bangus (milkfish) can also be your next favorite as the base of this Filipino staple dish. The fatty bangus belly complements the tartness of the soup produced by guava, which is so good to sip when it’s hot and steamy.

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17. Neil’s Kitchen

Address: Lot C 701 and 704 Westgate Filinvest City Alabang Muntinlupa City Contact number: (02) 710 8962

Sinigang dish: Sinigang Paella with Grilled Pork Belly Price: P395

Image Source: Neil's Kitchen Facebook Page

How whimsical this dish is! The pork belly is boiled and deep-fried, kangkong also deep-fried, and the yellow rice cooked in the tangy soup. Putting these in one plate makes a dish you never knew you love!

18. Bench Cafe

Address: 2/F, BENCH Boutique BGC Flagship Store, BGC Contact number: 0917 702 1133

Sinigang dish: Sinigang sa Santol Price: P395 (shrimp)

Image Source: Bench Cafe Facebook Page

In three variants of base, this dish uses santol or cotton fruit as the souring agent for the soup. It’s new but never disappointing order you can make.

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19. Abe

Address: G/F Serendra, Retail Area, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City Contact number: (02) 856-0526

Sinigang dish: Sinigang sa Ube Price: P495

Instead of gabi (taro), this restaurant uses purple yam (ube) as the thickening agent which gives a creamy viscosity and purple-colored soup that might surprise you. Nonetheless, everything is balanced in this recipe.