Best International Honeymoon Destinations for #WiserWealthier Newlyweds

Weddings in the Philippines are naturally festive events, but for today’s bride and groom, the festivities don’t end with the ceremony–there is also the honeymoon to look forward to.

After breaking down and planning for the cost of the wedding, the next thing the happy and excited newlyweds should think about is where they will go to celebrate their first few days as a married couple.

For couples who have already checked local spots off their bucket list, here are some top honeymoon destinations that will mark the memorable beginning of your happy ever-after.

Bali, Indonesia

Walk hand and hand with your beloved in the Isle of the Gods. The island of Bali, with ancient temples, lush mountains, and lively culture, exerts a magnetic pull on lovers looking for an exotic experience.

Aside from enjoying the Pacific blue waters and white sand shores, couples can watch the sun going down on a cliff after a mini-expedition to Pura Luhur Uluwatu temple. Then they can have dinner and watch the Kecak dance.

Cappadocia, Turkey

Take a 90-minute flight away from the hustle and bustle of the city of Istanbul and experience the quiet charm of Cappadocia’s breath-taking natural scenery. Let your eyes feast on the wind-carved rock formations known as fairy chimneys via a hot air balloon or a hike through the area’s otherworldly towns.

You can also explore the area via horseback or ATV.  It’s recommended that honeymooners stay at Argos in Cappadocia, a unique and enchanting cave hotel. It is a renovated ancient monastery with the hotel facilities built around the remnants of underground tunnels and caves.

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Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Want a glam-style honeymoon? Savor the city life of Dubai. When indulging in the city’s luxury hotels, shopping malls, and nightlife gets boring, couples can head out of the city to admire the barren beauty of the desert and enjoy some peace and quiet.

Aside from the can’t-miss camel ride to the sunset on the dunes, make your trip even more exhilarating by taking a leap with Skydive Dubai.

Marrakech, Morocco

This place gives visitors a magical fusion of exotic sights, sun, and sand. First off, gastronomic delights are everywhere. We recommend that you feast on vegetable and grilled kebabs. Then take a walk on the city’s walls and through its alleyways and be enchanted by fortune-tellers and snake charmers.

Make sure to take this opportunity to learn more about the culture by visiting the city’s numerous museums and mosques. For an enchantingly unforgettable night, couples can ride out into the Sahara on camel-back and go glamping under the bright stars of the desert sky. In case you’re craving some water activities, you and your beloved can also go surfing at the nearby oceanside of Essaouira then indulge in fresh seafood.

Florence, Italy

Florence is a fitting destination for couples hungry for some culture. Italy lures them with promises of overwhelming doses of fine art and an array of sumptuous culinary choices. Get lost staring at walls in Uffizi, one of the oldest museum standing in the Western world. Walk around the cobblestones and find your way to the Piazza della Signoria and the famed Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore.

Kyoto, Japan

Already in love with the energetic atmosphere of Tokyo? Take the time to visit Kyoto on your honeymoon and fall in love with Japan all over again. Discover the tranquil and languorous beauty of this former imperial capital. Share soulful moments with your loved one visiting the numerous shrines, temples, and Japanese botanical gardens of Kyoto.

If possible, visit during the spring and be awed by the blooming cherry blossom trees. If you can’t make it in spring, fall is also a good time as the city will be bathed in the warm reds and oranges of the fall foliage.

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Let your romance flourish in sophistication in the Mediterranean. For couples who love the sun, go in the summer when you can help each other slather on sunscreen and visit the area’s pristine beaches along the Adriatic Coast. For history buffs, the Diocletian’s Palace erected in 305 AD is a must see. At night time, couples can loosen up and enjoy the vivid clubbing scene at Zagreb.

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