The Hidden Costs Of Wedding Planning

The day after she says “yes” is a moment of bliss followed by stressful, albeit exciting, months of wedding planning. Even with a hired wedding planner, this stage can still get the best of you.

While they may have already set aside a budget for your wedding expenses, many couples overlook some unwanted expenses, and often it’s the small leaks that sink the ship.

Top Hidden Costs Of Wedding Planning

Avoid nasty surprises. Read the fine print with this guide to the hidden wedding costs in the Philippines.

Contract provisions

You probably have a budget set aside for the most expensive wedding expense: the venue, catering, rings, and gowns. But what about document processing?

Securing copies of government and church documents come at a price, but these costs are vital if you want your marriage to be official. Also, seminars and wedding banns also have corresponding fees. Even getting a marriage license can also burn a hole through your wallet.

Overtime fees

The wedding band, venue, caterer, photographer, lights, and sounds, among others are booked for a certain time depending on the contract. If the wedding runs longer than planned, you’ll be charged per hour for the extra time.

When planning, do not forget to give allowance for every part of the ceremony and plot a realistic time frame. Either be mindful of the program running time, or go enjoy your party ala the Heussaffs and prepare to pay extra.

Crew meals and allowances

Your wedding program might only take three to four hours. However, your staff needs to eat too, so set some money aside for their breakfast, lunch, and/or dinner, depending on the wedding preparation schedule. Giving them meal allowances is advisable too.

Corkage fees

If you book a reception with a catering service, you will definitely be charged a corkage fee for store-bought cakes and wines. Their staff will be doing the slicing and serving of non-in-house food, so you might be charged per slice and per glass. You can either allot a budget or choose to stick with the caterer’s menu.

Pre-wedding pampering

Brides and grooms alike want to look and feel great on their special day. A trip to the salon for hairdo and mani-pedi, or to the dermatologist for facial treatments, as well as gym memberships a few months before the big day will have you looking your best, but are also going to cost you some cash.


Check with your couturiers if the cord, coins, and bible are included in the package. Also, aside from the suit and gown, you also must take into account the other essentials of your get-up, like new shoes, earrings, necklaces, watches, and belts.

Unexpected wedding guests

Chances are, there will be one or two guests who’ve said no but end up going anyway. There’s also a chance that a relative will decide to show up with a plus one.

This may bes seem rude and a little unethical on the part of your guests, but, when the day itself arrives it\s best to have something put aside in your wedding planning budget to accommodate these extra people.

Bachelor/bachelorette parties

Pre-wedding parties are getting huge these days. Beach getaways and even shindigs abroad are becoming more common among friend groups. Although it’s the maid of honor, bridesmaids, and the best man and groomsmen that are supposed to handle the tab, many brides and grooms end up paying something as well for a memorable pre-wedding escapade.

A hotel room the night before

Pay attention to the check in and check out times if you are booking hotel rooms or you’ll have a surprise excess expense on your tab. To be safe, book the room for two nights: one for the night before and one for the wedding night.

TIP: It is highly recommended to make an all-in-list at least two weeks before your wedding day. Ask a family member and the maid of honor to coordinate with the wedding planner to ensure that you are not missing anything.