A Newlywed Couple’s Guide To Buying Furniture

As new and early nesters, tending to your new home is thrilling, yet something you need to budget wisely for. Aside from furbishing the interior and the finishes, choosing and buying furniture is just one of the many things you’re going to have to deal with to start the big move in.

Furniture is such a vital investment that you shouldn’t rush and you should make sure that each purchase will properly serve its purpose. The merging of two households brings the need to bridge tastes and lifestyles, which can make furniture shopping even more challenging. Here are some tips to arrange your new home and start living happily ever after.

A Newlywed Couple’s Guide To Buying Furniture
  1. Know your space . Use a tape measure to get the sizes of the spaces in your home. List down the measurements and bring your notes with you when scouting for furniture.
  2. Create a design board. Compile photos of different design ideas from magazines and websites. Have fun mixing and matching colors and sizes.
  3. Consolidate and eliminate. Make an inventory of what you own and eliminate items that must go. You can either toss some in the trash or sell them for some extra cash.
  4. Go for pre-loved . Buy used furniture at surplus shops or ask friends and relatives if they have stuff they no longer use. A little reupholstering or repainting can save you a fortune.
  5. Set a budget . Now that you have a list, you can set aside cash for your new purchases. Just don’t pressure yourself into buying everything all at the same time.
  6. Core comes first . The dining set, bed and bed frame, and sofa set should be on top of your priorities. Decorative pieces can wait.
  7. Go for cost-efficient . Find furniture that is reasonably priced and durable. Cheap items may even cost you more in the future. Always opt for value for money.
  8. Functionality first, style second. If you have limited space, don’t clutter it up with too many ornaments and bulky furniture for the sake of style. Choose multifunctional and space-saving pieces such as ottoman storages or sofa beds.
  9. Minor fixes for the major fuzz. While there will be an odd item or two, you can add some throw pillows or decorative art ensembles that can help bring life to an otherwise room.
  10. Child-proof your home. If you’re planning to have a child in the near future, avoid buying pieces of furniture with sharp edges and opt for round or soft ones. Veer away from glass pieces and fragile ornaments, too.

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