18 Feng Shui Tips Every Filipino Should Take To Heart This 2018

This 2018, the Year of the Dog, create a home or office that soothes and strengthens your spirit and attracts the energies of prosperity with these practical Feng Shui tips for the home and office.

We all take various measures to attract positive energy. A few of these Chinese practices, meanwhile, are meant to attract and influence specific aspects of life, such as love and wealth.

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese tradition that aims to attract good fortune by creating harmony between people and their surroundings.

The wisest and wealthiest of Feng Shui practitioners in the Philippines and overseas will always stress that this practice will not bring you wealth if you do not work for it. But a positive flow of energy should support you in your efforts to gain wealth and good fortune.

18 Feng Shui Tips Every Filipino Should Take To Heart This 2018

1. De-clutter. You need to create a space where good energy can flow unimpeded.

2. Get a lot of natural light and air. Make sure your windows are clean and open them occasionally to let fresh air in. If opening your windows for fresh air isn’t an option, try introducing air-purifying plants into the space.

3. De-clutter the area around your front door. In Feng Shui, the front door is called “the Mouth of Chi” and it’s how the energy enters your space. Your front door should be unobstructed to allow the energy to flow freely.

4. Maintain your front door . Don’t let the paint fade, the wood warp, or the hinges squeak or stick. Your front door should be welcoming to both friends and family and good energy.

5. If you can, place your front door so it faces the Southeast area. Also paint it in wood tones of green and brown. The southeast direction is connected to abundance and financial prosperity and wood tones are associated with water and earth elements, which attract wealth.

6. Similarly  to the placement of the door, your work space should also be at the Southeast area of your office or home.

7. Create good feng shui energy around your workspace by bringing the Wood, Water and Earth elements into the area. The easiest way to do so is to have healthy, growing plants in the area. Place a money plant, a lucky bamboo, or any other plant that can thrive in indoor conditions in your work station.

8. If you can’t have living plants in your work area, place images of natural landscapes full of green growing plants in your desk instead.

9. The Feng Shui elements are also associated with specific shapes: Wood with rectangles, earth with squares, and water with wavy lines. So, by incorporating these shapes in your décor—square or rectangular frames, fabric patters with wavy lines—you increase the prosperous energy in your space.

10. Use mirrors in your decorating. Mirrors expand a space, create more light, and draw in beneficial energy into a space. They also represent the water element. The best placement for mirrors are in the southeast, where they attract wealth and abundance. Do not place them facing the main door nor should you place them so that they directly reflect on each other. If a mirror cracks or chips, replace it immediately before they bring in bad Feng Shui.

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11. Incorporate flowing water into your décor. A fountain or aquarium is a powerful magnet for wealth energy. If you don’t have space for a fountain or an aquarium, use images of running water— streams or river not still ponds or lakes.

12. Place pictures with images that represent the energy of wealth and abundance in your space. Photo’s of people enjoying luxurious experiences—yacht cruises or banquets—are good. So are images of actual material wealth such as precious metals and gems will also work.

13. Use wealth colors in your decorating scheme. The main wealth colors are gold and purple.

14. Crystals are also used in Feng Shui to attract certain types of energy. There are three types of crystals commonly used to attract wealth: clear quartz, pyrite, citrine, and amethyst. Get a few pieces and place them in your work space.

15. Have a wallet that attracts wealth. It should be spacious and of good quality. Choose a black, brown, green, or yellow wallet as these colors attract wealth.

16. Avoid ever letting your wallet go empty. Always have a few bills and coins as a symbol of abundance and to attract future wealth. However, keep it organized and clutter-free. Get rid of old receipts, remove any cards you don’t use often, and have only a few really meaningful photographs.

17. Respect your wallet. Don’t just throw it down anywhere, place it carefully in a specific place – in a partition of your bag or corner of your desk. Never place your wallet on the floor.

18. Gold is a wealth enhancer that shows off good fortune and attracts more prosperity. Hang gold coins from door handles, windows, or desks. Carry a small gold coin in your wallet or handbag or choose items with gold-colored lining.

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