We’ve Compiled The Funniest Ninong And Ninang Posts This Christmas

The clock is ticking and guess what? It is indeed Christmas time! A time to celebrate and make more memories before 2018 ends. And whether you would want to admit it or not, one of the best parts of this season is indeed gift-giving.

Although the role of godparents here in the Philippines has often been misunderstood as a glorified Santa Claus, nothing is better than the feeling of receiving a present from your “ninongs” and “ninangs,” no matter how big or small it is.

Funny Ninang And Ninong Post Compilation

In the thick of the memes circulating about ninongs and ninangs making fun of hiding out to escape their inaanaks or stressing over list of presents this season, still, most godparents will surely make the effort for their very own godchildren.

Have a good laugh on Christmas Eve. Here we’ve compiled 3 hilarious Facebook posts that ninongs, ninangs, and inaanaks will surely relate to this Yuletide season.

1. The great Christmas raffle

A new twist into gift giving has been given its birth with this recent ninong and ninang antic posted on Facebook showing a photo of six red pockets filled with different money denominations, presented and laid down.

The twist here is, three out of those six red pockets are filled with just the words “try again,” “see you next year” and “mahal ka ni ninong/ninang. So, you better be good in choosing because it is a 50/50 chance of survival and it is up to you to pick your own poison.

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2. Inaanak aguinaldo form

 If you already find the last number a hard way to claim your aguinaldos, wait until you see this.

 A Facebook post of an image of what is seemingly called an “Inaanak Aguinaldo Form” has been trending all over the internet.

The challenging part here is, as an inaanak, you better be sure of the littlest details of your relationship with your godparents because in order to claim your presents from them, you first need to fill out a form with these information:

a.) Godchild’s full name
b.) Parent’s name
c.) Age and date of birth
d.) Gender
e.) Preference ( be it in the form of cash or a gift )
f.) Ninong/ninang’s complete name
g.) Relationship of your parents to your godparent/s
h.) And to be submitted with a photocopy of your Birth Certificate and Baptismal picture.
If you think that filling out a form is an easy challenge to get your aguinaldos this Christmas, wait ’till you see the conditions stated at the bottom part of the Inaanak Aguinaldo Form.

1.         Inaanaks aged 18 years old and above will only get a handshake.
2.         Inaanaks aged 0-3 will automatically get cash.
3.         Incompletely filled out form and lack of requirements is deemed invalid.
4.         Deadline of submission of forms will be until December 31.

Yup, there’s no easy way around.

3. No requirement, no gift

Another witty post that has caught everybody’s attention especially at this time where gift-giving is a must is an image posted on Facebook with a message from ninongs and ninangs. The message goes:

To all my inaanak,

Requirements to claim your gift:

1.         Original copy of Baptismal Certificate.
2.         Original copy of NSO Birth Certificate.
3.         Baptismal picture with ninong/ninang.
4.         Inaanak should know ninong/ninang’s complete name.

Deadline of gift claiming is until December 31 only.
No requirements will not be entertained.
Incomplete requirements, no gift.

Once you participate in that baptismal ceremony, you are bound for life to worry about one more human being–or more.

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