The Top Schools In The Philippines According To Employer Priority

A recent survey has revealed the 10 universities most preferred by today’s companies. Find out which schools made the list, and who their famous alumni are.

Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP) topped Philippines’ 2016 list of schools most prioritized by companies. This is the second time PUP earned the top spot, having ranked first in the job site’s first employers survey in 2014.

The survey was conducted from February 22 to March 27 this year among 550 employers. While six out of ten companies have been known to give importance to a fresh graduate’s alma mater, JobStreet states, however, that nine out of ten employers still hire fresh graduates who are not from their preferred colleges or universities.

The application process will still be based on whether the applicant fits the job description, as well as the results of the initial assessment and interview.

“More than preference for particular colleges and universities, employers prioritize applicants who show willingness to be trained and to learn,” says Philippines country manager Philip A. Gioca. “Companies need new employees who can easily adapt to their processes and systems, learn their products and services, the dynamics of the industry that they are a part of, and what drives their success. Most importantly, they want candidates who have the right attitude on being trained.”

He adds: “Where a fresh graduate got his or her diploma won’t matter as much as his or her eagerness to learn and showing the ability to absorb concepts and apply them in the office setting.”

The majority of respondents find PUP graduates to be driven and very hardworking. They have reasonable demands, and do not have an attitude of self-entitlement. They also stay longer in a company, and don’t leave at the slightest difficulty.

The infographic below serves as a guide for fresh graduates who want to make a good impression in their job application.