How To Verify Your LTO Plate Number Online For Pickup Availability

In case you didn’t know, the Land Transportation Office (LTO) allows for plate number verification online.

The LTO is the government agency handling car registration, renewals, and motoring sanctions in the Philippines. Many transactions can be done both at their LTO offices and satellite branches and on the internet. But since traveling to an office can be time consuming, the latter proves to be more convenient.

Why are plate numbers in the Philippines important?

In the anatomy of a car, one important thing a driver should take care of is not technically a car part. It’s a thin piece of metal bearing letters and numbers. This plate doesn’t make the car run faster but serves as identification in times of situations needing legal actions or, worse, accidents.

Remember, a license plate number is permanent and should be replaced with a duplicate when damaged or lost.

At present, LTO is still apparently struggling with releasing plate numbers.

The partnership of LTO with Stradcom is still working on creating a database for old and new plate numbers, and the date of the releasing of their when their license plates will be released is something many vehicle owners worry about.

Three things you should realize about the current state of license plate number releasing:

  • Vehicles registered in 2016 and onwards may wait for longer for the plate release
  • Driving without a license plate is illegal
  • Temporary license plates should be standardized with what LTO requires
  • Customizing plate numbers is not allowed

There are laws passed about plate numbers specifically for motorcycles, but there have been new details released for its implementation at the moment.

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What are the advantages of LTO Online?

Through the internet, the processes for anything related LTO seems a fingertip away. The online services available are the following:

  1. LTO plate number verification
  2. LTO payment assessment tool
  3. Online appointment for motor vehicle registration and renewal
  4. Access to details on license and permit issuance, law enforcement and adjudication class, and relevant news to all forms of land transportation.

Why you should perform an LTO plate number check

As equally important as LTO registration is plate number verification. Those who intend to buy secondhand vehicles must make a plate number check as a precautionary measure to ensure the vehicle they are about to purchase is not stolen or involved in a crime somehow.

This delay has been subjected to endless complaints from the public, and so LTO incorporated a new service to its own website. The said online service is called Motor Vehicle 7-Character Plate Backlog Inquiry, and it aims to give the vehicle owners to know details about their plate numbers.

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How to verify LTO Plate Number Verification online

Motor Vehicle 7-Character Plate Backlog Inquiry just takes a few simple steps.

Note that you should know your MV File Number before doing the process. It also gives you an option to see the availability dates of plates per region.

Example: 1301-00000000001

  1. Find the MV File Number You can find the 15 digits on your LTO certificate of registration: • On the upper left corner of the certificate • Below the LTO logo
  2. Go to the website:
  3. You will be redirected to a blue page with the three options of online services. Click on the middle option labeled as Motor Vehicle 7-Character Plate Backlog Inquiry.
  4. A box will appear asking for your MV File Number. Enter the 15 digits.
  5. Click the ‘Search’ button. A notification will pop up on the screen and will tell you if your plate number is already available or not.

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How to check the availability schedule of the LTO license plate

1. Go to the website:

2. You will be redirected to a blue page with the three options of online services. Click on the middle option labeled as “Motor Vehicle 7-Character Plate Backlog Inquiry.”

3. Instead of entering your MV File Number on the type box, click on the text on the lower right corner (just below the “Search” button) that says, “Check plate availability schedule.”

4. You will be redirected to a page of the regions of the Philippines. Click on the location where you got registered.

5. A table will show containing a registration date and the availability schedule. Example:

Registration Date

Plate Availability Schedule

Jul 01, 2016 – Dec 31, 2016

Jul 06, 2018 – Onwards

This means that if you registered between July 1 and Dec 31 of 2016, your plate number should be available by July 6 of 2018 and onwards.

Can I verify an LTO plate number through text or SMS?

No, the service is no longer available.

Checking for LTO plate number through SMS was done by simply texting LTO (space) VEHICLE (space) plate number to 2600. The response you’d receive would be: Plate no / Make / Model / Year / Color / Registration date, apprehension record. P2.50/text.

However, for unknown reasons, this service doesn’t work anymore.

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Are motorcycles now required to have double plates?

Not yet.

Although the double plates law has been signed, requiring motorcycle owners to have two large plate numbers in front and at the back of their motorcycle, President Duterte has suspended the law for necessary amendments. At present, there is no fine or violation for motorcycles that don’t have double plates.