LTO Fees Guide In The Philippines 2021

The Land Transportation Office (LTO) is the go-to agency for any vehicle-related documents and processes. From registration to renewal, license, plates, or change classification to violation penalty—sometimes it takes forever to get yourself familiar with all these fees.

No need to worry, though, as here’s a list for you to check without having to go to an LTO branch or satellite office. Consider this as your ultimate cheat sheet to all LTO fees there are.

LTO renewal and application of license

Below is the table of fees for license application and renewal:

Type of transaction Corresponding fees
 Student permit application P317.63
Driver’s license application (professional or non-professional DL) P820.26
Driver’s license renewal (professional or non-professional DL) P652.63 (valid license) P727.63 (license expired for one day to one year) P802.63 (license expired for one to two years) P1,045.26 (license expired for more than two years)
Dormant license renewal (professional or non-professional DL) P1,045.26
Request to change classification P560.26 (for valid NPDL to DL and vice versa) P920.26 + penalty (for expired NPDL to DL and vice versa)

LTO registration fee for vehicles

To register your car, you should prepare the following amount:

  • Initial fee – P1,000 per category
  • Renewal fee – P400 per category
  • Regular plate – P450
  • Stickers and tags – P50 each

MVUC rates for vehicles

The motor vehicle user’s charge (MVUC) is less popularly known as road user tax rated—depending on the gross vehicle weight (GVW)—which is the maximum operating weight of the car with all the cargo and passengers. Here are the tables of MVUC rates applicable to different types of vehicles.

A. Private and government vehicles

Here are the MVUC rates for private and government vehicles:

Type of vehicle GVWCorresponding MVUC
Light passenger car Medium passenger car Heavy passenger car Maximum of 1,600 kg 1,601 kg to 2,300kg 2,301 kg and above P1,600 (for light cars) P3,600 (for medium cars) P8,000 (for heavy cars)
Utility vehicles Maximum of 2,700 kg 2,701 to 4,500kgP2,000 P2,000 (plus 0.40 x GVW in excess of 2700 kg)
Sport utility vehicles (models 1991 and above)Maximum of 2,700 kg 2,701 to 4,500kg P2,300 P2,300 (plus 0.46 x GVW in excess of 2,700 kg)
MotorcyclesWith sidecars Without sidecars P240 P300
Trucks and truck buses 4,501 kg and aboveP1,800 (plus 0.24 x GVW in excess of 2,700 kg)
Trailers4,501 kg and above P1,800 (plus 0.24 x GVW in excess of 2,700 kg)

B. Aged private vehicles

This the table of MVUC rates for aged private cars:

Type of passenger cars GVWCorresponding MVUC
Light cars (models from 1995 to 2000) Light cars (models from 1994 and older) Maximum of 1,600 kg Maximum of 1600 kg P2,000 P1,400
Medium cars (models from 1997 to 2000) Medium cars (models from 1995 and 1996) Medium cars (models from 1994 and older) 1,601 to 2,300 kg 1,601 to 2,300 kg 1,601 to 2,300 kg P6,000 P4,800 P2,400
Heavy cars (models from 1995 to 2000) Heavy cars (models from 1994 and older) 2,301 kg and above 2,301 kg and above P12,000 P5,600
MotorcyclesWith sidecars Without sidecars P240 P300

For reference this is the age of the cars based on the year model:

  • 2000 – Current 
  • 1999 – 1 year old 
  • 1998 – 2 years old 
  • 1997 – 3 years old
  • 1996 – 4 years old
  • 1995 – 5 years old
  • 1994 and below – more than 5 years old

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C. Vehicles for hire

Here are the MVUC rates applied to vehicles for hire:

CategoriesGVWCorresponding MVUC
Light passenger car Medium passenger car Heavy passenger car Maximum of 1,600 kg 1,601 kg to 2300 kg 2,301 kg and above P900 P1,800 P5,000
Utility vehicles Maximum of 4,500 kg 0.30 x GVW
Sports utility vehicles Maximum of 2,700 kg 2,701 to 4,500 kg P2,300 P2,300 (plus 0.46 x GVW in excess of 2700 kg)
Truck buses 4,501 kg and above 0.30 x GVW
Trailers 4,501 kg and above 0.24 x GVW

LTO fees for late registration of vehicles

The table shows the corresponding fees for delinquent or late car registration:

Delinquent vehicle registration Corresponding penalty
Beyond the week of registration (based on the plate number’s middle digit) P200 for vehicles P100 for motorcycles
Beyond the month of registration but within 12 months (based on the plate number’s last digit) 50% of the MVUC rate
Beyond 12 months with no record of LTO violations 50% of the MVUC rate and renewal fee
Beyond 12 months with LTO violations 50% of the MVUC rate and renewal for each year of delinquency

LTO violation fees

These refer to the penalty or fines placed to drivers and car-owners who disregard protocols and commit fraud or any vehicle-related illegalities. The following fines are shown on the table below:

ViolationCorresponding fine
Driving with NO valid driver’s license P3,000
Driving under the influence of prohibited drugs and alcohol P20,000 to P80,000 (if causing no injuries/death) P100,000 to P200,000 (if causing injuries) P300,000 to P500,000 (if causing death)
Reckless driving P2,000 (first offense) P3,000 (second offense) P10,000 (succeeding offense)
Using fake documents to the application or renewal of a driver’s license P3,000
NOT wearing of seat belts and/or having a six-year old child and below on the front passenger seat) P1,000 (first offense) P2,000 (second offense) P5,000 (third offense)
Not wearing motorcycle helmet P1,000 (first offense) P3,000 (second offense) P5,000 (third offense) P10,000 (succeeding offense)
Driving without any of the following: Driver’s license Certificate of registration Official receipt P1,000
Traffic violations that include: Parking violation Disregard of traffic signs Illegal turns and/or overtaking Other violations indicated in the Joint Administrative Order No. 2014-01 P1,000
Driving an unregistered vehicle P10,000
Unauthorized modification of the vehicle P5,000
Vehicle installed with parts, devices, equipment, and accessories that are defective, improper, or unauthorized P5,000
No license plate or improper placement of license plate P5,000
Smoke belching P2,000 (first offense) P4,000 (second offense) P6,000 (third offense)
Fraudulent vehicle registration or renewalP3,000

Accreditation, change classification, and other MVUC-related fees

Here’s the list of other fees that LTO processes entail:

1. Accreditation fee for assemblers, dealers, importers, manufacturers, and rebuilders

  • Application fee – P500
  • Renewal fee – P1,000 per classification
  • Late renewal penalty – 100% renewal fee/classification/year
  • Accreditation fee – P3,000 per classification
  • Administrative fines – P100,000 (first offense); P500,000 and six-month suspension (second offense); and cancelation of accreditation certificate

2. Accreditation fee for other entities

  • Certificate fee (no dollar importation, individual) – P1,000
  • Tax exempt – P100

3. Cost of plates (new or initial registration)

  • Regular motor vehicle plate – P450
  • MC/TC plate (per piece) – P120
  • Cost of trailer plate – P225

4. Cost of sticker

  • Validation and plate year tags – P50
  • Replacement of validation stickers – P200.00

5. Duplicate and replacement of Plates

  • Cost of plate (MV) – P450 
  • Cost of plate (MC or TC) – P120 
  • Cost of plate (trailer) – P225 
  • Replacement plate (regular) – 450 

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6. Fees for various changes

  • Change classification – P30
  • Change chassis – P30
  • Change color – P30
  • Change denomination – P30
  • Change engine -– P30
  • Change of tire size -– P30

7. MVIC emission test fee

  • MC or TC – P40
  • UV – 90.00
  • Trucks or Buses – P115

8. MVIC inspection fee

  • MC or TC – P50
  • UV – P50
  • Trucks or buses – P75

9. Top load fee

  • Buses – P150
  • Cars and UV – P100

10. Special plates

  • GMA-01; AAA-07; ARL-77 – 25,000.00
  • DPJ-100; JPG-100; MMN-100 – 15,000.00

11. Vanity plates

  • Limited edition – for auction
  • Premium edition – P15,000
  • Select edition – 10,000

13. Annotation of mortgage, attachment, and other encumbrances/cancellation – P100

14. Carrying capacity – P100

15. Change body design – P100

16. Change of venue of MV registration – P100

17. Confirmation/certification/verification/clearance fee – P30

18. Data certification on MV stock report – P30

19. Deed of assignment fee – P100

20. District office inspection fee for the use of another district office – P30

30. Duplicate/replacement of OR/CR – P30

31. Penalty for late transfer – P150 per transfer

32. Reactivation fee – P30

33. Recording fee – P500

34. Revision of gross vehicle weight – P30

35. Revision of record – P30

36. Special permit fee not exceeding seven days – P20 per day

37. Storage fee – P45

38. Tax payment certificate for each motor vehicle – P30

39. Transfer of MV Ownership – P50 per transfer

Did we miss anything? Let us know what you’re looking for in the comments, or you may contact LTO office for further information.