Contact Center Services, Computer Programming, Sports Officiating Among New Elective Subjects In K-12 Curriculum

It’s back to school season once again. While it’s just another day for the rest of the students, last year’s junior high school graduates will write history as they become pioneers of the senior high school program.

As part of the Department of Education’s (DepEd) action to overhaul the country’s education system, the K-12 program is designed to make sure that the students are well equipped in whatever path they choose later in life.

Whether a student chooses to go to college or become part of the workforce right after graduation, the K-12 curriculum is set to make students more prepared not just here but for other countries as well.

As part of the new education system, students are going to have subjects that will be tailor-fit to their preferences as well as skills. Here are some of them.

Fundamentals of Coaching

Want to become the next Chot Reyes or Tim Cone? This subject will equip students with the basic principles of creating healthy and age-appropriate athletic experience for their future students.

Human Movement

General physical preparedness stems from intimate knowledge of basic human movements. Getting this class will help you become familiar with different movements of the body and create the most effective training programs based on your biomechanical designs.

Sports Officiating and Activity Management

Sports officiating requires mastery of the rules, since events will require someone to interpret, enforce, and analyze rules. By the time you end this course, you’ll become certified by the National Sports Association and TESDA.

Psychosocial Aspects of Sports and Exercise

Sporting activities do not affect a person’s body. In fact, it also has a tremendous effect on the person’s mind. Aspiring players and coaches will develop an understanding of the underlying psychological factors that involve the sport.

Safety and First Aid

Having the basic knowledge of safety and first aid can prevent an injury from getting worse until proper medical help arrives. Aside from first aid, other safety measures such as injury prevention, assessment of health and fitness conditions, nutrition, and other valuable information will be available here.

Agricultural Crops Production

Offered in three different tiers (NC I, II, and III) and with more than 1,500 hours of intensive teaching, the Agricultural Crops Production is perfect for students who want to enter the badly aging sector. Students who pass even just two of the courses can continue into other studies such as Horticulture (NC III).


Make your illustrations come to life! Learn the tools of the trade of animation and become one of the pioneers of an industry rich in potential. Acquire the skills to produce cleaned-up and in-between drawings and become the next Gennedy Tartakovsky or Chuck Jones.

Contact Center Services

With consistent demand for business process outsourcing (BPO) workers, the country needs to produce top-notch graduates to keep our dominance in the global workforce. In this 320-hour course, students will become familiar with the skills that made the Philippines the leading provider of BPO jobs in the world.

Computer Programming

Knowing the basic languages of programming will give you an edge as you progress further. The Computer Programming class for senior high school students are offered in different frameworks such as Java, .net Technology, and Oracle Database.

TVL Maritime

Aspiring seafarers are in for a treat as senior high schools will now get specialized courses tailor-made for their future jobs. Navigational watch, engine watch, and maritime safety are offered in ladderized programs to prepare students for what lies ahead in the horizon.