Congratulations, You’re In: 7 Signs The Job Interview Went Well

The job interview is often the final step in the process of talent acquisition of employees. It can also be the basis for negotiating one’s salary and whatever additional benefits the company may provide.

Waiting for the outcome of your job hunting can make you nervous and excited at the same time. While your heart is riveting with anticipation, you can actually tell if you have a fighting chance. Below are the signs that you are just one step away from that coveted job offer:

1. The interviewer dissects your job experience.

Take it as a good sign when the human resource personnel is asking tons of questions about your experiences and accomplishments from your previous jobs. When the interviewer says that the experience and skill set you have are what exactly their company is looking for, take it as a good sign.

2. Your interest in the company is gauged.

It is important for employers to know how excited you are to get onboard with them. If you feel that the interviewer sounds like he or she is convincing you rather than quizzing you, it is a clear indicator that the company is positive to hire you.

3. It gets personal.

Does the interviewer ask a number of non work-related questions? This is an indicator that they want to know you on a personal level and are getting to know you further.

4. You’re addressed by your first name.

In the professional world, it is protocol to call another professional by their last name. But if the talent acquisition person is addressing you on a first-name basis, it is a clear indicator that the company wants you to join them and are in fact trying make you feel at ease.

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5. The big boss interviews you on the same day.

Don’t get too nervous when the HR manager calls a department head in the room. It is a crucial sign most likely the company is interested in you and is willing to be recruit you ASAP. Take note that the interviewer will not waste a very important person’s time on the wrong candidate.

6. The interview takes longer than normal.

An interview typically lasts an hour tops. If it takes longer than that and the interviewer ask you to stay and wait, you’re in for a pleasant surprise. It is a sign that the company might be hiring you on the same day and is already preparing your contract.

7. The interviewer leaves their contact details.

Normally, interviewers will tell you to wait for their call. But if the employer’s representative provides a phone number or email address that you can reach in case you have questions regarding the job, take this as a good sign. It means you are one of their top choices.

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