Best Time To Buy: The December Holiday Shopping Edition

If you’re a spender, you can justify buying anything in December. You’ve waited long and hard for your 13th month pay, and you might even have a bonus on top of it. So why not treat yourself to some well-deserved things?

If you’re still updating your wish list, here’s a wise tip: Focus on the things that are currently on sale or are cheaper to buy this holiday season. Because let’s face it, some items can wait. Meanwhile, these items are hot off discounts and sale racks.

Gym Membership

It’s almost the new year, which means there are way more people motivated to make good at the start of the year. I’m talking about all those health and fitness New Year’s resolutions. Whether they’ll follow through or not is up to them, but Gym and Fitness Centers provide promos during this time to encourage people to get started on a more active lifestyle.

One of the biggest gym and fitness centers in the country Fitness First Philippines offers members and non-members discounts on their fitness packages, which comes with freebies.

You can also avail of free gym trial passes this December to get the hang of things, and be ready to commit by January.

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Summer Clothing

Bikinis, board shorts, one-piece, tank tops, shades… Most of our favorite shops have all these, and they’re on sale now because these clothes are not in season. The prices of these will pick up mid-January to early February, as summer approaches. So, try on and buy a few of your favorite summer pieces now and place the money you saved in your summer travel fund.


You can find a lot of promos right now at car shops and dealerships because of the holiday season. There’s also the fact that people who want to buy cars right now can take advantage of this time when the Tax Reform Bill hasn’t taken effect yet. When the House Bill 5636 is passed into law, the prices would all increase due to the excise tax. Weigh the cost of your dream vehicle now and, if it’s truly worth buying, you can always get a car loan to help you meet the price tag.

Air Conditioners

Black Friday was only the start of this season of discounts. Make the most of it by buying your coveted air conditioner, in preparation for the sweltering summer in the Philippines.

Airline Tickets

Booking your airline ticket three and a half (3 ½) months before your trip is the ideal time to get a good price, according to According to the study, international flights are cheapest when you book them two (2) months in advance. Now that you have your 13th month pay, you can plan your 2018 trips ahead and compare airline rates via flight comparison websites like Skyscanner, or going to the airline website directly.


Cameras, SD Cards, and even smartphones are on sale right now. Check out online stores and compare prices, or go to the mall and see the smartphones made more affordable because of the Christmas sale.

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