BDO, Metrobank, BPI Rank High On List Of World’s Most Valuable Banking Brands

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Several major Philippine banks have enjoyed an increase in ranking among the world’s most valuable banking brands.

The latest edition of Banking 500, an annual report released by branding valuation consultancy firm Brand Finance, revealed that the biggest local banking brands are thriving as the financial industry in the Southeast Asian region continues its upswing.

BDO, Metrobank, BPI Rank High On List

Based on the 2018 Banking 500 report, major banking brands in the Philippines received better rankings compared to last year. BDO received a higher brand value from 2017’s $1.056 billion to $1.223 billion this year.

Metrobank comes next with a higher valuation of $1.204 billion this year, compared to the $997 million last year. This earned Metrobank an AA+ rating for this year. Meanwhile, the Ayala-owned Bank of the Philippine Islands got its ranking bumped up to AAA- with a value of $980 million this year versus $882 million last year.

The rest of the banks that made it to the Banking 500 global report were the following:

Security Bank

Global ranking: 336 (up from 390 last year)

ASEAN ranking: 26 (down from 25 last year)

2018 value: $324 million (up from $262 million last year)

2018 rating: AA+ (up from A+ last year)

UnionBank of the Philippines

Global ranking: 359 (up from 431 last year)

ASEAN ranking: 28 (up from 30 last year)

2018 value: $292 million (up from $223 million last year)

2018 rating: AA- (up from A last year)

Philippine National Bank

Global ranking: 386 (up from 426 last year)

ASEAN ranking: 31 (down from 29 last year)

2018 value: $259 million (up from $230 million last year)

2018 rating: AA+ (up from AA last year)


Global ranking: 425 (up from 469 last year)

ASEAN ranking: 34 (same ranking as last year)

2018 value: $222 million (up from $192 million last year)

2018 rating: AA- (up from A+ last year)

China Bank Corporation

Global ranking: 434 (up from 489 last year)

ASEAN ranking: 36 (down from 35 last year)

2018 value: $211 million (up from $172 last year)

2018 rating: AA- (up from A+ last year)

EastWest Bank

Global ranking: 435 (newcomer)

ASEAN ranking: 37 (newcomer)

2018 value: $210 million (newcomer)

2018 rating: AA- (newcomer)

Although some brands like the Philippine National Bank and China Bank went down in their regional rankings, all the major banks in the Philippines received a more positive grading from Brand Finance.

In addition to higher valuation, they all received an upgrade in their ratings, with BDO and BPI leading the pack with their AAA- scores.

The Banking 500 also welcomes EastWest Bank as a newcomer to their rankings. The Gotianun-led bank surprised everyone with its strong performance in its services like core lending, return on equities, and return on assets. In a report by the Philippine Daily Inquirer, EastWest Bank grew its first-half 2017 profits by 60 percent year-on-year to P2.5 billion.

The rise of local banking brands, which is a common trend in the ASEAN, was due to the increased activity of banks, especially in the merger and acquisitions department.

According to media intelligence magazine Marketing, the rise of regional banks “also indicates ASEAN’s consumers growing affinity for brands and branded goods has also helped set a solid foundation for competitive brands from the region.”

Sources: The Philippine Daily Inquirer, Marketing Interactive, Brand Finance

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