9 Important Health Tips Travelers Should Always Remember

They say travel is healthy for your mind, body, and spirit. A getaway is vital for keeping your sanity amidst stress-beating deadlines.

As travelers enjoy wandering foreign streets, taking in new sights, and tasting exotic foods, many tend to lose track of their health habits. This is not a good thing as nothing spoils a trip more than a bout of illness. 

How To Stay Healthy While Travelling

Always having a first aid kit on hand is essential but not enough. Keep sickness at bay and make the most out of your vacation with this list of handy travel tips that can keep your body healthy.

1. Bring a reusable water bottle.

This item will serve you well from the start until the end of your trip. You can fill it up at water fountains to keep you hydrated, even when on the move. Staying hydrated is essential to replenish your body during travel activities, especially if your itinerary involves a lot of physical activities and food tasting.

2. Include proactive happenings on your itinerary.

While it is possible to execute your normal exercise routine while traveling, many travelers do not do so as they are prioritizing what’s next on their travel schedule. However, you can still get physical while you are on a trip. Walking and biking allow you to both appreciate places while staying active. Explore some spots that involve adventures like hiking and watersports. Stay moving, stay physical.

3. Pop a daily dose of Magnesium, antioxidants, and multivitamins.

Strengthen your defenses as traveling can wear down your body’s immunity and public transport is breeding ground for microbes. Even if you are not Magnesium-deficient, you may want to consider taking a dose once a day for the duration of your trip. Magnesium has loads of health benefits which can aid you in coping with different environments. It can help prevent migraines and inflammation, boost energy and performance, and improve sleep.

4. Eat at least one fresh meal.

Indulging in local food is an essential part of every trip. However, this means that you will be eating a lot of food that might not necessarily conform to your healthy diet plan. Make it a point to eat one meal a day that is freshly prepared and conforms to your diet plan. This can help balance out the consumption of carbs, oils, and sugars from the new food you simply must try.

5. Clean after yourself and sanitize frequently.

You need to be extra clean when going to public spots and using shared facilities to prevent catching communicable diseases. Aside from washing your hands religiously, pack your own sanitizing supplies as washrooms won’t always be available. Bring facial tissue, hand sanitizers, disinfecting wipes, toilet seat spray as well as a face mask to avoid catching airborne ailments.

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6. Do not skip meals – especially breakfast.

Eat breakfast to store more energy to accomplish your travel itinerary. Bring a sachet of instant oatmeal, a pack of saltine crackers, teabags, or instant coffee in your bag. These will come in handy in case you get hungry on the plane or you have no time to prepare breakfast in your lodgings.

7. Watch your alcohol and caffeine intake.

There’s nothing wrong with capping the night with a drink or having a cup of coffee at a local cafe. But make sure to drink liquor and coffee in moderation. Too much caffeine can cause restlessness, acid reflux, upset stomach and muscle tremors. Too much alcohol, on the other hand, can cause vomiting, nausea, gastritis, blackouts, unintentional injuries, and impaired judgment.

8. Protect your skin.

Wear sunscreen with SPF 30 and reapply every two hours, especially when swimming and sweating. Also, apply insect repellent, especially if you’re spending time outdoors in areas inhabited by mosquitoes and other biting insects.

9. Don’t let your legs acquire clot on long flights.

Take short walks and stretch your legs whenever you can. Improve blood flow to your legs by extending your legs straight out and flexing your ankles by pulling your toes toward you.