8 Contemporary Business Trends And Ideas For The Ambitious OFW

There’s no place like home, especially for Filipino OFWs. Many Filipino’s working overseas have dreams of the future and are looking for profitable business ideas to invest in. To this end, OFW loan offers are available online to help an OFW make wise investments to ensure their dreams come to fruition.

A franchise business for OFWs is a common goal that many Filipino’s abroad are working towards. Many also dream of becoming entrepreneurs when they return.

8 Contemporary Business Trends And Ideas For The Ambitious OFW

If you are looking for fresh and up-to-date ideas on building your own entrepreneurial empire, here are some trends you can take advantage of.

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1. Co-working spaces

With millennials outnumbering other demographics in offices, the culture in the workplace has been re-shaped to accommodate those striving to attain the perfect work-life balance. Numerous young professionals these days also lean towards freelancing and being a boss of their own. Thus, the demand for co-working spaces, where it is easy for young professionals to build their network and maintain flexible working hours is steadily increasing.

2. Clear fair skin

Filipinos and Filipinas alike have always been particularly meticulous with our hygiene and skincare regimens. Today, we see more and more skin care and beauty lines sprouting here and there, from the local to macro scale, varying from new formulas to all-natural products.

3. Organic products

Speaking of all-natural, organic products are a hit now more than ever. As people discover how foods are processed and manufactured, and the effects these processes have on health, many are choosing to be more mindful of what they eat. And this is not limited to food but also includes health, beauty and wellness products. All in all, the market segment for organic commodities is increasing and will continue to increase as more and more people desire to live more natural lives.

4. Healthy eats

Fast-food is a market sector that will never go away. However, as mentioned above, a growing segment of the market are those seeking healthier eating options. Meal planners are helping busy professionals address the problem of a lack of time to prepare nutritious food by making door to door daily deliveries. Restaurants and food stalls with healthy offerings like healthy bowls of multi-grains or vegetable chips are also rising in popularity.

5. On-demand deliveries

We are living in the age of the workaholics and, if people have no time to cook, they also often have a limited time to shop. On-demand deliveries are slowly emerging in the market and many clients are starting to trust third-party to make personal transactions fast and convenient. Many B2B, C2C and even non-business clients are now utilizing such mobile applications.

6. Neon in pop culture

Bringing the nostalgic 80’s back is widespread in today’s popular culture, which could account for the fact that neon lights are suddenly making a big comeback. Captivating neon signboards are hanging and installed strategically on businesses such as café, clubs, bistros and even typical offices. Monetize this fad by using neon aesthetics to attract customers to your business or by investing in becoming a supplier of neon yourself.

7. Drone rental

Drones with mounted high-resolution cameras capture a better view of landscapes, estates, weddings, and wildlife. Aside from taking aerial shots for cinematic effect on photos and films, drones are also used for assistance in hard to reach places in times of emergencies. Drones can be used to monitor facilities by search and rescue teams, and deliver emergency supplies. Contractors also rent drones to have an up-close survey of buildings.

8. Asian invasion

Aside from the K-dramas and K-pop music, K-fashion has also captured the hearts of Filipino consumers. Popular Korean favorites that Pinoy’s love to indulge in also include barbecue, spicy noodles, beauty products, and gadgets. Japanese products are also in demand, with people flocking towards Japanese surplus shops for cheap, quality finds. And mouth-watering ramen and sushi are a food trend that shows no sign of going away anytime soon.

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