7 Strangest Things People Have Had Insured

Championship-winning legs, a golden voice, and alien abduction? Insurance has got it covered.


Having something or someone insured is always a smart move, especially if it’s the people you love and the things you’ve worked hard for. Your car, your house, your expensive electronic devices, and all of your family should all be naturally covered by an insurance policy.

But some people are just too talented, too wealthy, or simply too freaked out that they have chosen to insure certain aspects of their lives that normal people wouldn’t. Say for instance their hands, legs, and voice. And their lives—against monsters and ghosts.

Here are some celebrities, businessmen, and organizations who spent millions to guarantee protection against unwanted and unforeseeable odds. None of them hails from the Philippines yet. Maybe you’d like to be the first one?

1. Lower limbs

Famous football player David Beckham insured his pair of legs, feet, and toes for GBP100 million. Portuguese football player, Cristiano Ronaldo, had his pair insured for US$144 million. For their “Legs of a Goddess” campaign, Gillette had Mariah Carey’s gams insured for US$1 billion, and Rihanna for US$1 million. The legs of the Victoria’s Secret Angel Heidi Klum is also covered by a US$2.2 million insurance.

2. Hands and fingers

Papa John’s Pizza founder John Schnatter had his hands insured for US$15 million. Meanwhile, rock ’n’ roll legend Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones spent US$1.6 million to have his riff-playing middle finger covered. The late Harvey Lowe, a yo-yo world champion, insured his two quick-tricking hands for US$150,000 each during the 1930s—that’s a pretty huge sum at the time.

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3. Voice

British rock icon Rod Stewart insured his voice for US$15.5 million, while American music icon Bruce Springsteen insured his for US$6 million

4. A gigantic cigar

Lloyds of London insured yet again another bizarre thing—a 12-foot cigar, which was made up of around 15,000 tobacco leaves.


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5. A spacecraft

Virgin Group founder Richard Branson had a dream of making a commercial space flight. In 2004 he came out with SpaceshipOne, the first-ever manned non-governmental aircraft, which was insured for US$100 million.

6. Life—against aliens and monsters

London-based insurance company Lloyds reported that around 60,000 insurance policies have so far been filed against alien abduction, werewolves, and vampires. Likewise, actress and extraterrestrial life advocate Shirley MacLaine paid US$25 million for alien abduction insurance. The Royal Falcon Hotel in England, meanwhile, has insurance coverage against ghosts and spirits for its employees and guests.

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7. Life—against a mythical creature

Whiskey maker Cutty Sark approached Lloyds of London and insured for US$1.5 million for any person who’d be able to catch the mysterious Lochness Monster alive and on a leash, granted that it was accomplished between 1971 and 1972 and verified by the National History Museum. No one did—up until now. –Diana Lyn Balbalosa