5 Best Cashback Credit Cards In The Philippines In 2016

Earn rewards points and get rebates on your daily purchases and payments with these cards.

5 Best Cashback Credit Cards In The Philippines In 2016

Cash back credit cards offer you the best returns for your money by providing you a way to earn points and give you back a percentage of the amount you spent, depending on your purchase. Not only that—the rebates may also be converted to air miles and rewards points. Sounds like a good deal, right?

If you’re looking for real value for money, here are the top five cashback credit cards in the Philippines that will give you the best deals and unlimited rewards and perks anywhere you spend.

1. Citibank Cash Back Card


This Citibank credit card is perfect for individuals who have good spending habits. If you’re able to manage your budget well, you can enjoy one of the highest cashback rates in the country, and easily get up to P12,000 annual rebate.

Cashback rates: Up to 6% supermarket rebate if P10,000 and above, 2% rebate for Meralco, and 0.20% supermarket rebate if below P10,000

Cashback limit: P12,000 per year

Annual membership fee: P3,500

Special features: 0% installment on partner merchants, peso payment overseas, Citi World and dining privileges

2. Security Bank MasterCard Complete Cash Back


Security Bank‘s MasterCard cashback credit card provides rebates in five categories, with no minimum spending requirement. Now you can have worry-free transactions here and abroad and have a maximum of P1,000 automatically credited to your monthly bill.

Cashback rates: 5% on groceries, 4% on gas, 3% on utilities, 2% on dining, and 1% on shopping

Cashback limit: P12,000 per year

Annual membership fee: P3,000

Interest rate: 3.5%

Special features: Exclusive MasterCard Promos and Worldwide acceptance

3. Standard Chartered Platinum Cash Rewards Card


Want to get the highest rebates wherever you go? Take advantage of this credit card, which is accepted worldwide. Standard Chartered‘s Platinum Cash Rewards Card also provides high rebates for dining and shopping.

Cashback rates: 3% on dining, 3% on department store spends, 0.3% on other spends

Cashback limit: P500 minimum cashback amount

Annual membership fee: P2,750

Interest rate: 3.50%

Special features: Worldwide acceptance

4. EastWest EveryDay MasterCard


If you’re looking for a card that will give you rewards even for clothing and dining, then EastWest EveryDay MasterCard is right for you. The more you shop and use your card, the higher the rebates.

Cashback rates: Up to 5% for P10,000 and above, 3% for P5,000 and below P10,000, and 0.5% below P5,000

Cashback limit: Minimum of P200 worth of cash rebates

Annual membership fee: P2,800

Interest rate: 3.5%

Special features: 0% interest rate for installment terms at partner merchants, peso payment overseas

5. Maybank Platinum MasterCard


Convert your points for air miles, or get cashback on your transactions abroad. Maybank offers the lowest conversion fees, perfect for frequent flyers. Maybank‘s Platinum MasterCard is also equipped with EMV-compliant chip, providing you with optimum security for worry-free travels and purchases.

Cashback rates: 1 Asia Mile or Krisflyer Mile per P50 spend, and 1% on overseas spend

Cashback limit: P12,000 cap on retail cashback

Annual membership fee: P3,000

Interest rate: 3%

Special features: Free first year annual fee

—Kristel Serran