Why Is June The Most Popular Month To Get Hitched?

A lot of brides-to-be are gunning to get married in the momentous time of June. In fact, women who get hitched during this lovely time of the year are affectionately called June brides, getting green eyes from friends who thought June was the best month for weddings. While a lot of women are looking forward to get married in the said month, a lot of brides and grooms-to-be do not know the origins of June being the most famous time in the year to get married. What is the origin of June bride and why June is a top choice among people who want to tie the knot?

Smell you later

One persisting tradition as to why June is a famous pick among engaged couples as time to get married actually dates back to the Middle Ages. Back in the said period, people come out of their homes after a long winter to enjoy the warmth of spring and finally be able to take a bath. Since lakes and rivers are freezing cold during winters, people cannot simply take a dip without freezing to death. Because June is the perfect time to go out and bathe, people get married around the same time too since they are more presentable during the said period.

Did Juno that…

Another popular origin why June is the best time to walk down the aisle goes back to the tradition of the Ancient Romans. According to their traditions, May is the worst time to get married because they thought that it can bring bad luck to couples to be. According to their calendar the Roman Feast of the Dead falls under the said period, and people don’t want associating marriage with death. Furthermore, June is named after the Roman goddess Juno, the patron of wives. Wives during the Roman era asked for her divine assistance and try to win her favor by tying the knot in the said month.

Practical makes perfect

Long before the concept of housewife has been invented, husbands and wives worked in the fields to make sure there is enough food on their table. Back in the old days, getting married in June was a good idea because it would mean that women can go back to the field after winter—provided that they would conceive after a June wedding and give birth after winter. Aside from practicality purposes, it can also mean women will not give birth during winter. Keep in mind that during that time, a hearth would be their only source of heat during the cold winter days. Practicality wins, every time.

Survival of the fittest

Ever since the old days, the main goal of marriage is to ensure that two people are going to procreate and make sure that their genetic material will get passed on before they die. In fact, this reason goes hand in hand with the item above, which has something to do with the climate. To make sure that there is higher chance for their child to survive, they get married in June and conceive the child thereafter so it will be born after winter, ensuring the child’s safety and increasing its rate of survival.

Being a June bride may make you the envy of others, but other than following the trend and going with the flow, it’s better to find your own reason why you should get married in a certain month. After all, it’s not the month that matters but the love and devotion to your partner.