Should You Buy A Car Or A Motorcycle?

Let’s face it: our public transportation is horrible at best. Our form of public transportation are merely outdated and crowded trains, reckless buses, and antiquated jeepneys, and if you are looking at convenient ways to reach your destination, taxis, and ridesharing services may be more expensive than your usual modes of public transportations. With this problem facing a lot of workers, some of them opt to buy their own mode of private transportation, and their choices boil down to two options: motorcycle and car. How will you choose between two and four wheels?

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Price: hands down, motorcycle wins

When it comes to the price tag, there is no doubt that motorcycles are far cheaper than cars. A regular 125 CC automatic transmission motorcycle can cost ten times cheaper than the average sedan in the market. Aside from the sale a price of motorcycle, parts and repair services of two-wheeled vehicles are far less costly than those of four-wheeled vehicles. While motorbikes may be cheaper, there is definitely a tradeoff like a weaker engine, no space for cargo, and other perks that cars have over motorcycles.

Ease of use: again, motorcycle scores a point

Learning to drive a car requires you to master a lot of things: aside from knowing how to get the “feel” of your car and making it your extension, you also need to know how to troubleshoot, listen to your car for problems, memorize parking spots and one-way streets, and so much more. Meanwhile, learning the motorcycle is just as simple as learning how to bike. While this may be an understatement, there are few things you have to consider other than knowing how to ride safely and responsibly.

Safety: sorry, but car wins this time

“If four wheels are dangerous, what more if you’re only riding something with two wheels?” Pretty sure, you might have heard this phrase before when you told people that you’re getting a motorcycle. Although this statement is an exaggeration, it actually rings true, especially in the Philippine setting. Despite the presence of motorcycle lanes on major thoroughfares, motorcycle riders still have to battle with aggressive buses, apathetic cars, and other road elements that can spell the difference between life and death to riders.

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Convenience: depends on what you need

Convenience varies from one person to another; what may be convenient to you may not be the same case for others. If you are looking for a vehicle that can help you traverse tight spaces even with the horrendous traffic, then you might want to get a motorcycle. However, a car offers more perks that may come in handy like storage space, more passengers, environmental shelter, and so much more. Before you even decide between the two, better weigh which one is more suitable for you.

Long-term cost: motorcycle scores a point

Aside from having cheaper acquisition costs, motorcycles also cost less in the long run. Since they have smaller engines as compared to cars, they consume significantly less fuel. However, there are several cars in the market that offer greater fuel efficiency as well as better mileage, and they can offer more than longevity over motorcycles. However, maintenance-wise, car maintenance is far more expensive, especially if you don’t know how to do it yourself.

When choosing between a car and a motorcycle, be sure to pick one based on your transportation needs and not because of style, bragging rights, and other reasons that are not practical. Buy a vehicle that suits your needs, and you can maximize your vehicle to its full potential.