Celebrate Father’s Day Frugally With These Handy Tips

Father’s Day is just around the corner. Since it’s going to be a time for families to make their dads feel extra special during this event. However, be prepared for the surge of families to malls, restaurants, and other venues. Since it will be hard to break through crowds packing the malls this holiday, why not go for something more intimate and special this Father’s Day that will make your dad feel more extra special–without puncturing your budget?

Give your dad something more practical to his everyday living

We all know that watches, smartphones, and laptops can pass off as decent gifts this Father’s Day; after all, who in his right will deny himself of receiving such elegant gifts. However, these gifts may not be as practical as they seem, especially gizmos that can kill their productivity or take their time away from the family. Instead of shiny new toys of luxury, buy something that is more practical to their everyday lives. Think of gift ideas like books related to your father’s profession about his field of choice and other items that are useful on a daily basis. Be creative, and think of something practical.

Instead of dining out, just cook in

If you are planning to go out this Father’s Day to eat at your favorite restaurant, then be prepared to brave through thick crowds as well as long queues on restaurant, and you have to endure impatient families who are just as starving as you are. Instead of putting you, your father, and other members of a family to a voluntary torture chamber that is malls, why not just cook in? Aside from saving yourself of the trouble of being cramped with other hungry families, you can also save a lot without compromising the quality of your feast. Cook in, instead of dining out.


Whenever you go to the mall before Father’s Day, you will definitely see stores lining up their “Father’s Day essentials” to the most prominent places in their shops. According to them, these wares can “define” your father and make his life more meaningful–for a price, of course; sometimes, even for a hefty sum. However, you can ignore propaganda and instead go DIY for a gift for your dear dad. Be creative: think of something that can represent your dad in the most evocative possible. Use items that are often overlooked yet can be turned into something like an artwork. The world is your playground, and imagination is your weapon.

Give the gift of service

When we show our appreciation to our fathers–or everyone, for that matter–we are often focused on buying things and appropriating value on them based on the price tag attached to them. However, what often forget is that there are far better gifts we can give them other than tangible items, and that is the act of service. Little tokens of appreciation such as cleaning your dad’s bedroom or sorting out his workspace can mean as much, or even more, to them. Think of the little ways possible on what actions can make your dad extra special this Father’s Day and you may not have to spend a single centavo that day for a present.

Father’s Day need not be extravagant to become special. Sometimes, all takes is just a little knack for thinking as if there’s no box and you’re all set in being able to give a present to your dad without burning your money.