Why It’s Important To Get A Car Insurance Now More Than Ever

Whenever you sit behind the steering wheel and ignite your engine, you are exposing you and your vehicle to the risks of everyday life: accidents, natural calamities, and reckless drivers are out there to get you and leave you financially distressed and physically damaged. Since accidents can occur when you least expect them, how are you going to make sure that you are protected when bad things struck you like a lightning bolt? Here are the main reasons why it is important for you to get a car insurance.

CTPL is never enough

Every year, all car owners are required by the law to purchase compulsory third-party liability (CTPL) insurance before they can renew their vehicle registration. In a nutshell, CTPL only covers third parties in case of an accident, such as passengers and other people outside the vehicle that may get involved in a vehicular accident. While CTPL is good and has a fairly substantial coverage, this doesn’t protect the drivers and passengers related to them by blood. With a comprehensive car insurance, you are protected in ways CTPL cannot.

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Car repairs are costly

Imagine yourself getting into an accident and your car suffers from tremendous damages, rendering your car unusable until repairs are made. When you don’t have a comprehensive car insurance and you wreck your vehicle, you are financially liable to your vehicle, which means you have to shell out a huge chunk of your money just to get your car up and running again. This, in turn, can have a negative impact on your finances. Fortunately, car insurance can cover the repair costs of your vehicle, and some insurance policies even have own damage cover, meaning even if the damage is something you brought to your vehicle, they will still cover the repair costs of your car. Think big and think of savings now.

You are protected against forces of nature

Natural disasters such as storms, earthquakes, and other natural occurrences are beyond our control, and they can cause severe damage to our vehicles up to the point of total loss. Even more unfortunate, we live in a country where storms are a dime a dozen and they are getting stronger as each year passes by. With this in mind, how can you protect your vehicle from natural disasters? Fortunately, if you have comprehensive car insurance, you are protected from acts of nature and you can get extensions for natural calamities that are not covered by the basic acts of nature clause of your policy.

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There are other perks waiting for you

When you get an insurance, you are actually getting more than just your standard-issue coverage against the perils that can debilitate you, your finances, and your vehicle. Aside from your insurance policy, getting a car insurance means taking home tons of extra services too. For instance, most car insurance providers throw in free 24/7 roadside assistance to their policy as well as free towing if your vehicle suddenly breaks. Furthermore, insurance companies also offer other perks and freebies to make sure you are satisfied with their service. This means you can save money from all those individual costs by simply applying for a car insurance.

Getting a car insurance is more than just securing yourself financially from the potential hazards that can put your car at risk. However, keep in mind that getting a car insurance is more than just getting protection; it also offers a whole new level of financial freedom that gives you peace of mind whenever you step inside your car and turn on the engine.

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