Top Budget Honeymoon Tips For Couples On A Budget

It’s enough that you are going to spend a hefty sum of money for your wedding; after all, what better way to show the world that you love someone enough with a fine and properly arranged wedding. However, this doesn’t warrant you to spend another huge sum again for the honeymoon; after all, what matters is that you keep the event as intimate as possible. If budget is an issue and you need to skimp a little bit for your honeymoon, then here are a few tips on how to celebrate honeymoon on a budget.

Go local

The trend nowadays is to spend holidays outside the countries. While well-off couples can go to places like Ibiza, Nice, and other luxurious destinations, couples who are budget conscious go to cheaper overseas hotspots like Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and other countries in the region. If you want to save, swim against the tide and go to local destinations. Aside from allowing you to save money, going local means supporting the country’s tourism industry. Take a pick from one of the 7,107 islands in the country, and have fun.

Scout for package deals

Travel package deals are drawing flak from edgy travelers and DIY vagabonds because they just milk money out of inexperienced flyers. However, travel packages allow you to save more than just money; they can also take the time off mixing and matching different aspects of your travel. Aside from the convenience offered by packaged deals, there also are promos that allow you to save money since they are already inclusive of a lot of things. Start scouting for the best packages and you can save time, money, and effort.

Opt for off-season locations

Beach in the middle of typhoon season? Why not go there? Baguio during colder months? Sounds like a good plan! If you really want to have a good honeymoon away—most importantly insulated from the angry crowd of tourists flocking the area—then try to look for places that are off-peak during their respective seasons. After all, you are there to celebrate your first few days as a newlywed, not to bask in the warm summer sun.

Use public transportation

When you are going to multiple places, do you feel like bringing your own car or renting one to go from one place to another? If that is your plan, then leave the car keys when you go out and take the public transportation. Aside from being dirt cheap as compared to bringing a car and gassing it up, taking public transportation will also test you as a couple, wading through crowds just to get your slot to the bus or jeep. See the world as a couple in its grit and you’ll become stronger.

Backpack your way

If both of you are feeling adventurous and want to explore new horizons in your first few days as a married couple, then the best way to do it is to backpack it: no itinerary, no reservations, no plans. Instead of creating a suffocating itinerary on what to do and how long you should do it, ditch the plans and just go there with your sturdy backpack. You’ll learn a lot as a couple and your foundations will become much stronger when you face something as uncertain as backpacking.

Going to a honeymoon doesn’t mean that you have to throw cash away just to have your special days together. What’s important is that you share an intimate moment together and enjoying your first moments as a couple.