What Your Zodiac Sign Says About Your Finances This December

If the alignment of the stars and planets is to be believed, it’s a good month for new opportunities, careers, and investments for most people.



March 21 to April 19
New opportunities will arise as your efforts in widening your network will start to yield. You will see new ways to earn more money other than your direct source of income. Be open to learning new things and keep improving your people skills.


April 20 to May 20
Consider a new investment to start another source of income for the coming year. Meet a financial investor or an insurance broker and consider opportunities for growing your money. Start fresh in 2016 by building a more solid foundation in your finances.


May 21 to June 20
If you haven’t yet, use your creativity to earn extra income this month. If you’re employed, be resourceful in your budget planning and see to it that your money lasts at least until the start of the New Year.


June 21 to July 22
If you’re considering a new career path, this month is the best time for you to update your resume and apply for the job you’ve always wanted. Don’t let your doubts get in the way of upgrading your life. Get ahead in life by taking the first daunting steps with confidence.


July 23 to August 22
Your finances look promising within the month. If you’re employed, you might want to plan your budget as early as now to avoid impulsive spending. Businessmen need to settle their credit before the month ends to make a good start for the coming year.


August 23 to September 22
Your practical approach on your finances will save you from overspending, as most people will do this month. Keep a list of your budget plan and stick to it. Don’t forget to give yourself a rewarding treat for a year well spent.


September 23 to October 22
Now is the time to deal with financial issues you’ve been trying to avoid for most of the year. Pay off your loans or credit card, or start that side job or business you’ve been wanting to do. The holidays can be a great way for you to lay out your plans for the coming year.


October 23 to November 21
Reassess your worth, whether it’s in your career or business. If you feel stagnant in your current position, go all-out in sending your resume to other companies that will give you more appreciation for your efforts. If you’re running a business, you might need a boost early next year so plan this out with the people you trust most.


November 22 to December 21
If you’ve struggled with debt for the year, this month can be the end of your liability if you budget the extra money you’ll be earning. Consider the opportunities that will come your way this month and go for the ones that will provide both financial and personal growth.


December 22 to January 19
Financial challenges will approach you this month, but it’s nothing that you can’t handle with a positive attitude. Learn from it all and use your creativity to earn and save money to start the New Year right.


January 20 to February 18
You’ve been working hard for the whole year, and it’s time to allocate some money for your health. Take a break during the holidays and consider maintaining an emergency savings account. Financial challenges for the month will be ironed out through your clever approach on doing things your way.


February 19 to March 20
As the year comes to an end and your social life has been thriving bigtime, avoid overspending with your new friends. Pay yourself first and while you’re at it, consider ways to invest your hard-earned money. Your network may be able to help you grow your money whether through financial advice, business, or job opportunity. –Kristel Serran