Top Five Luxurious Destinations In The Country Worth Shelling Your Bucks For

Summer season is almost here, and even without the official declaration from our weather bureau, we can already feel the warm summer air everywhere. When it comes to vacation spots, there are only two options for the majority of Filipinos: the tried-and-tested destinations such as Boracay, Zambales, Puerto Galera, and the others; and the offbeat spots that are rarely touched by crowds such as Silanguin Cove, Cagbalete Island, and other hidden gems that attract budget travelers. However, if you want to break away from the both crowds of tourists, then you might want to start stacking up your cash because here are the top 5 most luxurious vacation spots in the country

1. Amanpulo Island

Rates: US$ 3,240 – 5,940 for a three-day, two-night stay
Situated on the northern portion of the Sulu Sea, Amanpulo Island is a private island that is perfect for people who want experience the country’s finest without the crowds that pack the usual summer destinations. Staying true to its name, Amanpulo is a combination of two words meaning “aman” (peace in Sanskrit) and “pulo” (island in Filipino). Originally one of the many island plantations of the Soriano family, the country turned it to a private resort with the help of the Aboitiz Group and Aman Resorts. To get to Amanpulo Island, you need to book a chartered flight from Manila, which is exclusively offered by the Soriano Group.

2. Balesin Island

Rates: PHP 3 million and up for membership, comes with 14 free nights in one of their villas
People may have caught the wind of the name Balesin Island when Senator Chiz Escudero and actress Heart Evangelista finally tied the knot last month. Balesin Island, which is developed by Alphaland Corporation, is a 500-hectar floating luxury escapade located near Quezon Province. Away from all the hustle and the bustle of the city, Balesin Island is the perfect getaway for people who need to take a break whenever, wherever. However, don’t be surprised if you may need a whopping amount of PHP 3 million. However, this comes with 14 free nights in one of the many themed villas of the resort.

3. Bellaroca Island Resort and Spa

Rates: US$ 500 – 2,800 per night
Ever imagined yourself waking up to your own private pool, sipping margaritas, and just waiting for the beautiful sunset to give you an ethereal glow? If you want to experience these and more, you might want to make a reservation now at Bellaroca Island Resort and Spa. Situated in Southeastern Luzon near Marinduque, Bellaroca is a favorite vacation spot among celebrities who want to escape the prying eyes of the public. Following the style of Mediterranean white cubical and dome-shaped structures, Bellaroca gives people the experience of a Santorini-style vacation without the need to go Greek.

4. Dos Palmas Resort

Rates: PHP 15,000 – 22,000 per night
Known as the country’s last frontier, Palawan is home to numerous resorts and tourists spots, ranging from budget to luxury ones. However, one upscale place that will be hard to top even with the newcomers is Dos Palmas Resort will always be one of the most luxurious destinations in Palawan. Located in the famous Honda Bay, tourists can definitely enjoy the see-through cerulean sea and partake in activities such as diving, swimming, and rowing.

5. Eskaya Beach Resort & Spa

Rates: US$ 1,000 – 22,000 for a three-day, two-night stay

When it comes to beaches and resorts, the province of Bohol can definitely boast of Eskaya Beach Resort & Spa as one of the first-class luxury vacation destinations offered by the city. Located in Panglao Island, Eskaya is a tropical paradise offering tranquil atmosphere among beautifully decorated beachlines and forests. You can enjoy all the water activities available or you can simply enjoy the view from your villa.

If you want to feel like a millionaire and go to places where millionaires go, then you might want start planning your next vacation to one of these first-rate holiday destinations. While their rates may a bit steep for ordinary travelers, these destinations are definitely worth every centavo.