When Is The Right Time To Say “Yes”?

Saying “yes” to a marriage proposal is more than just giving your hand to your future husband to start a life together full of rainbows and unicorns. When you get engaged to a person, you are now preparing yourself to tread a road of ups and downs, and engagement is a glimpse of the things that are about to happen when you tie the knot. So how do you know if it is the right time to say “yes” to your partner and make the preparations to the long winding road? Here are the telltale signs that say it’s the right time to get engaged.

You can already talk about your finances comfortably

Whoever said that money can’t buy love must either be a son of a billion-dollar business magnate or just really foolish. While intimacy, passion, and commitment are the most important components of a relationship, money also plays a huge role because the two of you still have to eat, you know. Talking about money is something a lot of people aren’t comfortable with, and it is perfectly understandable. Once you and your partner can now be more open when it comes to the discussion of finances, then you’re more comfortable with each other now to trust one another with your financial standing.

You discuss the future

In a relationship, it is fun to live in the here and the now especially if you are still chasing the thrills of being young lovebirds. However, there will come a time that the two of you need to sit down and talk about what’s in store for the two of you in the future. And we’re not only talking about the distant future: plans after marriage, financial security, family, and other aspects, having a clear vision of the future gives the two of you a glimpse of your value to each other. If you can see a good future with your significant other, then say “yes” the moment he pops the question.

Your friends totally support you

Your friends are your basic support system; if you are in a foxhole, they’ll be there to either take you out or stay with you without questions asked. And as the most trusted people within your social circles, they know when something–or someone–is good for you. If your closest peers rally behind your relationship with your significant other and they are more than happy to see you get hitched, then they know that your partner is good for you. There is nothing more comforting than having friends who support you and your relationship.

Your partner knows your hopes and dreams

It is important to be able to communicate your visions of the future to your partner, especially your personal hope and dreams. And if your partner is willing to follow wherever your path takes you and do whatever it takes to help you realize your dreams, then you’ve found your perfect match. While you may have dreams the two of you created together, it is still important for each of you to have individual goals. A partner who is supportive of the things you want to pursue is someone you can have for keeps.

You are emotionally healthy when you’re with him
You may be madly in love with each other, and you are both financially ready to get hitched and walk the road to forever together. However, do you feel emotionally secure when you’re with him? Emotional stability, especially when you are in the presence of your partner means one thing: he brings out the best in you. You feel confident and safe when your partner is around, and you feel that you are complete with him. If there is some form of confidence you feel with him, then go ahead and get hitched.

Getting married is a serious matter, let alone expensive. Before you even make a nosedive and go to the nearest church to become a couple, make sure to read the signs first if he’s right for you. After all, marriage is a lifelong committed, not just some temporary settlement.