Top 5 Business Ideas You Can Do At Home

Filipinos are known to be hard-working people. We convert our time, energy, and resources to earn money. For those of you who are looking for ways to make more extra cash, here are some business ideas that requires you to shed small capital.

  • Tutorial Center

    If you have the knack and patience to teach, and the passion to enrich people’s minds and skills, you can make money from tutoring. Firstly, think about your area of expertise. Do you have something you are really good at? If you have a strong command of the English language, you can tutor non-English speaking nationals residing near your residence. Are you a math whiz or a science geek way back when you were schooling? Schedule an after-school study session for kids or young adults and help them catch up on some subjects and assist them in their homework. You may also teach a foreign language that you know if you are fluent speaker. There’s little to no capital needed for this business. All you need to do is set up a quiet, spacious place at home (either in your garden, garage, or living room) with chairs, tables, and board, and you are good to start!

  • Music Lessons

    Do you have a talent in music? Can you play any instrument, like guitar, piano, drums, flute, or violin? Do you have exceptional vocal prowess? You can earn some extra cash from being a music mentor. Just pick a part of the house conducive for teaching your students and enclosed enough not to disturb your neighbors. You may also soundproof the walls with thick blankets or installing a door sweep to prevent sound from seeping out. Also, you won’t necessarily shed some cash because students usually bring their own instruments.

  • Cake and Pastry Supplier

    Filipinos definitely have a sweet tooth. We are fans of Instagram-worthy delis like colorful cakes and artisanal pastries. If you know how to work magic with flour, milk, and sugar, you can convert these delightful ingredients into coins and bills. Tap coffee shops and restaurants where you will supply your heavenly desserts. You can also post photos of your food items on social media like Facebook and Instagram, or post an ad on buy and sell websites like eBay. Doing so can attract customers who have upcoming events like birthdays, weddings, and debuts.

  • Dog Breeder

    Man’s best friend is not only a great companion but a good source of income, too. You can start breeding your own pet. All you need to do is have your pet mate with a stud breeder and ask about the process. This is a great business for dog lovers as looking out for animals won’t be so much of a daunting task. Look for a space in your house where you can grow and breed dogs. If only a small space is available, opt for smaller breeds like Shih Tzu, Mini Pinscher, Chihuahua, or Terriers. Breeding smaller mutts will also cost you less on food.

  • Garage Sale

    Have tried decluttering your home only to find out that you have tons of items you don’t need but can still be used? Make money from them by holding a garage sale. Involve every family member in general cleaning and decluttering personal stuff, and do a quality check afterwards. Classify the consolidated items and arrange them in your garage or yard. This will help you raise money to buy new appliances, household items, or even pay for your monthly bills.