Improve Your Finances In A Matter of Minutes!

Financial struggle is common and recurring to many of us, yet rarely given attention for serious fixing. Just like any routine, the start is always the difficult part. Money is difficult to manage, especially for those who have big families. If you think giving your finances a makeover consumes a lot of time of thinking, planning and executing, then look out for what’s next.

Make a major financial turnaround in just MINUTES with these simple steps:

  • Unsubscribe from memberships.

    Do you have a gym membership? Are you currently subscribed to magazines or newspapers? Ask yourself if you still use them. If you aren’t, your hard-earned money are just going to waste. It only takes minutes to give a call for cancelling subscriptions. If you need a dose of good reads, try online magazines, download e-books, or buy back issues on bookstores. If you need to sweat your way to fit and fab bod, let the streets and park be your jogging path. You can also invest on secondhand weights and gym other equipment.

  • Update your CV.

    When was the last time you thought about promoting yourself to companies? Refresh your resume and add more skills and experiences you’ve acquired in your job. Doing so will open you to better professional opportunities – and better pay too. Allot several minutes of your time every day to look at new job postings.

  • Unwind before the grind.

    Instead of grabbing a cup of latte from expensive coffee shops every morning, wake up minutes earlier than the usual and make your own coffee. If you think about next level coffee-making experience, invest on a coffee maker. Preparing your morning beverage is way much cheaper than spending PHP120- PHP200 every day.

  • Up that air to max.

    Take some minutes to sit down and read the manual to see the ideal tire pressure of your car. Next time you head to the gas station, ask personnel to air your tires to the maximum pounds per square inch (psi) as indicated on the manual. Properly aired tires can save you up to 6% on gas mileage. Think about how much money you will save from gas expense.

  • Undo the bulbs and replace.

    There are kinds of bulbs that consume a lot of electricity, giving you hefty monthly bills to pay. You can end this sabotage by spending a few minutes switching to energy-efficient bulbs like compact fluorescent lights (CFL) and light emitting diode (LED).

  • Utilize the magic of cards.

    If you have a one go-to mall or supermarket, make time to register for their rewards program. You can garner points which in turn could be converted into items. You can also get special deals and major discounts on selected items. Utilizing coupons is also an option in saving some money from grocery and shopping expenses.

“Beware of little expenses. A small leak will sink a great ship”, says Benjamin Franklin. Dropping unnecessary expenditures is easy as 1-2-3 but taking some minutes to tweak your little ways can give your finances a major help.