Things Your Rich-Kid Friend Had Growing Up Vs. What You Had

You owned a Nokia 3310; your friend had an 8210. You’d watch Eat Bulaga! on an analog TV in your sala, while your rich kid friend (RKF) would binge-watch Friends on VHS in their home theater.

Not all of us are born with a silver spoon in our mouth. But all of us have that one friend who seemed #blessed in all aspects of life, and had literally all the things money could buy. You’re not as well-endowed, but you sure benefited from everything your RKF had.

To illustrate our point, here’s a list of other things your burgis friend had versus what you had when you were young.


RKF had: A cabinet full of Lego sets and Mattel products.
You had: A gargantuan robot you yourself crafted out of sipit ng sampayan.

Home phone

RKF had: A “wireless” phone.
You had: An analog phone, if not a huge coin collection for when making calls at the sari-sari store payphone.

Family picture

RKF had: A professionally shot and framed family portrait, complete with the family dog, hanging by the staircase.
You had: A photo album filled with blurry, washed-out 3R size pics.

In the room…

RKF had: His/her own toilet and bath.
You had: An arinola, just in case you feel the urge while someone’s using the lone bathroom in the entire house.


RKF had: A big, nice bath tub with bubble bath soap (this was before bath bombs became all the rage).
You had: A huge palanggana for that summer backyard feels.

Reference materials

RKF had: A study room with an entire set of Encyclopedia Britannica.
You had: Your older sibling/s’ old textbooks.

Afternoon snacks

RKF’s merienda: Imported snacks and a tub of ice cream in the fridge.
Your merienda: “Tasty” bread dipped in Coke, with Lovingly Yours, Helen on TV to boot.


RKF had: Top-of-the-line Windows XP desktop paired with a CD Writer.
You had: A typewriter with a Touch and Go/Snowpake/Liquid Paper whatever you call that white thing you use to write over your typos.


RKF had: A stylish Nissan Vanette spruced up with decals and a nice sound system.
You had: An entire fleet…of patok Montalban-bound jeep that perpetually had Mary J. Blige’s “Family Affair” blasting through its loudspeakers.

Have more to add to this list? Share your experiences in the comments.