Spending Do’s And Don’ts To Keep Your Budget In Check

When you go out for shopping, do you always feel robbed after passing through the aisles of department stores? Do you ever wonder where your money goes after payday? And before you know it, your horrible financial habits are hurting your pocket. It’s time you rethink the way you handle your money.

While you may have terrible money spending habits now, there are still ways you can stop money from flying out of your hands. Here are some spending do’s and don’ts to prevent your cash from going down the drain.

  • DON’T: Use credit cards for your sudden shopping needs

    Credit cards aren’t really bad. When used rightly, you can turn your credit card in to a money-saving tool. Be wise when it comes to the things you’re charging to your credit card. If you feel like buying something out of spontaneity, hide it and do not use it to make sudden purchases.

  • DO: Pay with cash

    This will help you against impulsive shopping in the future. Paying with cash for all your purchases will not only save you from debts on your next billing date. The most important takeaway here is for you to see how quickly impulsive shopping can go out of hand.

  • DON’T: Deprive yourself of life’s luxuries

    When people save money, it is easy for them to become hoarders and put away every single peso for something bigger. While saving is a good thing especially when you have a target in your mind for that amount, not rewarding yourself for all the hard work will result to frugal fatigue—and it can be more expensive than to give yourself a little cheat day.

  • DO: Reward yourself every now and then

    Seeing how your money grows when you save up can probably make you drool and use up the money for something you don’t need. You need to let loose and have a little cheat day every now and then with simple rewards to curb your impulse. Be careful with your cheat day though because too much can totally ruin your finances, including siphoning your hard-earned savings.

  • DON’T: Let others manage your ATM account for you

    Letting other manage your account is like leaving the keys to your home to a stranger. When you let others do your banking transactions like depositing and withdrawal, you are losing control over your account. Before you know it, your money is gone not because someone’s stealing from you but because you already lost overview of how money flows in and out of your account.

  • DO: Make withdrawals and other transactions by yourself

    This is most applicable when you are out to withdraw funds for your spending needs. When you make your own transactions, you see how much goes in, out, and what’s left in your account. In this way, you can make sound money decisions and consciously base on your account’s status.

  • DON’T: Go shopping unprepared

    Shopping without a list is like going to a jungle without a map or compass: you will wander around and you’ll get lost. When you go out for a grocery run without a list, you may end up buying things that are not necessary—and it can cause a huge dent on your finances.

  • DO: Make a shopping list

    Having a shopping list is more than just a reminder of the things you need to buy. It limits you from having unnecessary expenses and gives your purchase a direction. By jotting down items to buy beforehand, you can still refine and eliminate things that are merely expenses instead of necessity.

  • DON’T: Stick to a certain brand

    Brand loyalty is nothing but an illusion of companies to keep you from giving them your hard-earned money. When you put your loyalty to a certain brand, you are depriving yourself of choosing better alternatives. Remember, there is nothing valuable with brand loyalty—unless you earn something out of it like airline miles or other perks.


    Since brand loyalty is something only devised by manufacturers, you may want to try out other brands to find which one offers the best quality without rupturing your wallet. For instance, you may not need to buy branded products like salt, sugar, and other common ingredients. Furthermore, you may also make the switch from branded cleaning products to generic. Be wise when picking your items and check if it’s just the brand that makes them expensive.

Spending is inevitable. All of us have things we need to buy. However, there are still ways on how you can tone down your expenses and allow you to save even just a few. With luck, those little savings will accumulate over time and give you a substantial amount in the future.