How To Earn Money Fast? – 7 Rakets for Pinoys

The Filipinos are known to be persistent at work. We are determined to aid the financial needs of our families and to attain stability. But there are times when our 8-hour job cannot compensate for all the monthly bills and other expenditures – we can all relate to that.

If you are either the Superman or Wonder Woman of the family, there are a number of ways on how to earn extra money on your spare time. You can use your talents and resources to venture on other money-making opportunities!
Here are some sideline suggestions for our fellow raketeros/raketeras:

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  • 1) Blogging

    People like reading stories online that they can relate to. If you have an interesting life and a good story teller, start writing and share your life experiences through blogs. Create a relevant blog to get numerous likes, comments, and shares for more ad offers. More advertisements mean more money. There’s no need to shed some cash to start. But if you want your own domain, it will only cost you very little.

  • 2) Photography

    If you have an SLR and a good eye for picture-perfect moments, you can be a freelance photographer. Cover special events like wedding, pre-nuptial, debut, baptismal, or corporate occasions

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  • 3) Bazaar

    Be a businessman/businesswoman on weekends. Join bazaars or weekend markets and sell apparel, accessories, and other items. If you’re up for this biz, better look for wholesalers or direct suppliers so you can sell your products at a more affordable price. The lower the price, the faster an item sells. Importantly, use your sales talk skills.

  • 4) English Tutorial

    Your excellent grammar and strong command of the English language can give you extra money through Online English teaching. There are many Koreans, Chinese, Japanese and other non-English speaking nationals who could use your skill and patience. Some tutees require two-hour session per day; some prefer one whole day during weekends.

  • 5) Makeup Artistry

    If you have a knack to work magic with brushes, foundation, eyeshadow, and other cosmetics, you can definitely pull off makeup gigs. Widen your network and tap people who can hook you up to the fashion industry. You can also prettify debutantes, brides and bridesmaids, and event attendees.

  • 6) Online Jobs

    Make money without leaving the comforts of your home. All you need is a desktop/laptop, and a fast and stable internet connection. Depending on your skills and knowledge, you can opt to be a writer, researcher, editor/proofreader, data encoder, virtual assistant, translator, transcriptionist, video editor, or a graphic artist. Signup for online outsourcing websites so that employers can easily hire you for projects.

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  • 7) Cooking and Baking

    If you have numerous triumphs on experimenting in the kitchen, cooking and baking can be your bread and butter. Offer delectable pastries and cakes to your officemates and your relatives. Surely you will get referrals if they enjoyed your yummy treats. You can also deliver healthy planned meals for those who are observing a strict diet.


Whatever product or service you are offering, be sure to spread the word online. Post your portfolio on websites so it will be easier for friends and family to refer you, and for clients to find you. Also, transactions are more convenient with the use of apps and related sites, so be sure to utilize them.