Revealed: The Highest-Paying Jobs Abroad For Aspiring OFWs

The top four highest-paying specializations for overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) are:

  • Sea-based engineers
  • Healthcare professionals
  • Land-based engineers
  • IT professionals

This is according to overseas job portal

The website has just released the results of their 2017 Overseas Jobs and Salary Report. According to their findings, OFWs working in these four most in-demand fields abroad earn more than P50,000 monthly.

Revealed: The Highest-Paying Jobs Abroad For Aspiring OFWs

In the Middle East, OFWs in the healthcare profession get the best compensation, earning an average of P54,000 to P86,000 monthly

If you’re a pediatrician, you can get around P86,000 a month. A nurse can pull in about P65,000 monthly, while a veterinarian is also well compensated with around P58,000 monthly.

In the Asia Pacific, it’s the OFWs in IT-related and engineering-related fields that earn the most. A land-based engineer can earn from P56,000 to P59,000 monthly. Meanwhile, IT professionals can get P54,000 to P58,000.

In the United States, it’s the sea-based engineers who earn the most. The average monthly salary range of a sea-based engineer is P53,000 at the least and P99,000 at the most. If you’re a shipmaster, you can pull in P99,000 monthly, while a ship engineer and chief officer can get P96,000 and 92,000, respectively.

Where the jobs are

The Middle East region is still the area where most OFWs are deployed. According to the report, Saudi Arabi is the top destination for Filipino workers. From January to October 2007, 54.19 percent of jobs were found in Saudi Arabia. That’s around 61,534 jobs.

After Saudi Arabia came Qatar (16,083 jobs), the United Arab Emirates (7,231 jobs), Kuwait (5,210 jobs), Bahrain (3,725 jobs), and Oman (3,661 jobs).

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The United States is still a major destination for OFWs, coming in 7th (3,017 jobs). New Zealand came in 8th (1,190 jobs).

The report also noted that Malaysia (1,094 jobs) and Taiwan (861 jobs) seemed to have grown much more attractive to Filipino workers last year. They made it to the 9th and 10th spot respectively, taking the slots that had been occupied by Australia and Brunei in 2016.

Skilled workers preferred

WorkAbroad’s findings show that skilled workers are still the most in-demand and are more likely to get the best compensation. Aside from the professions noted above, skilled workers in the food, beverage, and restaurant services are also in demand.

“Because majority of the demand abroad is for skilled workers, aspirants will benefit from taking skills-based courses from tech-voc institutions. Aspirants can also get ahead of competition by getting the necessary work experience in the Philippines before applying for jobs abroad. This is because overseas jobs usually require experience,” advises