Money Hacks For The 30-Something Investor

Your 30s can be a financially challenging period in your life. Whether you’re starting a family or paying for a new car or home, your 30s will require you to make wiser decisions regarding your wealth.

Since you no longer have the luxury of time or resources to experiment with your first foray into investing, you have to be wise and put your savings where it has the best potential for growth.

To help you decide where to put your hard-earned money, we’ve compared different investment vehicles and their maximum potential returns in 10 years. Take note that these are estimated growth rates and do not reflect the actual yield:

Money Hacks For The 30-Something Investor

Regular  savings account:

Minimum balance to earn interest: P10,000

Interest rate: 0.25%

Yield in 10 years: P10,252.83

Growth in 10 years: P252.83

High-earning savings account A:

Minimum balance to earn interest: P50,000

Interest rate: 0.75%

Yield in 10 years: P53,879.13

Growth in 10 years: P3,879.13

High-earning savings account B:

Minimum balance to earn interest: P100,000

Interest rate: 1.25%

Yield in 10 years: P113,227.08

Growth in 10 years: P13,227.08

Time deposit account A:

Minimum deposit required: P50,000

Interest rate: 0.625%

Yield in 10 years: P53,214.37

Growth in 10 years: P3,214.37

Time deposit account B:

Minimum deposit required: P10,000,000

Interest rate: 2.5%

Yield in 10 years: P 12,800,845.44

Growth in 10 years: P2,800,845.44

Opportunity fund-life insurance hybrid: (AXA MyAmbition)

Minimum deposit required: P50,000

Annualized return: 16.44%

Yield in 10 years: P229,082

Growth in 10 years: P179,082

Additional perks: Doubles as life insurance in case of untimely death, 5% additional funds after 10 years for loyalty bonus

Real estate (a 50-square meter townhouse in Pasig):

Gross selling price: 5,273,450

Appreciation rate: 5.90% average in 10 years (projected, based on previous years’ average)

Gross yield in 10 years: P9,349,047.26


Capital gains tax: P316,407 (6% of gross selling price)

Local transfer tax: P39,550 (0.75% of gross selling price)

Notary fee: P105,469 (2% of gross selling price)

Real property tax and LGU special education fund: around P33,000 per year for 10 years

Net yield in 10 years: P8,557,621

Growth in 10 years: P3,284,171

Key takeaway:

  • Bank deposit accounts offer the lowest yield—even in 10 years
  • Meanwhile, investing in real estate may be lucrative, but it requires a huge amount of money and does not guarantee returns easily
  • Put your money in an investment vehicle that offers both growth potential and life insurance coverage.