MMDA Asking For Staggered Suspensions For Drivers With Multiple Traffic Violations

Delaying the inevitable or an act of mercy?

The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) hopes to get the Land Transportation Office (LTO) to put off their plans to suspend drivers with 100 traffic violations or more—at least for a little while.

According to the MMDA General Manager Jojo Garcia, around 2,582 drivers are subject to show-cause orders issued by the LTO. The show-cause orders call for a 90-day suspension for drivers who were found to have 100 or more traffic violations.

Suspensions to be spaced out

According to Garcia, more of the drivers who were issued these show-cause orders and are in danger of a 90-day suspension are bus and jeep drivers. The MMDA is worried that this will result in a decrease the number of drivers on the road to the detriment of the riding public. The agency proposed not that the suspensions be dismissed, but the timing of when the suspensions will be served be spaced out. “If the 90-day suspension can be imposed on one-third of the traffic violators for this month. Then the next one third would experience the suspension for the next three months so that not all drivers will be affected,” said Garcia.

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Drivers need to answer show-cause orders

The LTO has heard and is considering the MMDA’s proposal about the staggered suspension, said the LTO Field Enforcement Division chief. However, drivers who have been issued a show-cause order are still required to respond by going to the LTO office.

Once at the LTO, errant drivers will have a chance to explain why they should not have their licenses cancelled.

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On the MMDA side, Garcia said they are ready to impound the vehicles of the drivers who don’t answer the show-cause orders. “Those who would not answer their show-cause orders will face automatic suspension,” stated the MMDA GM. Have you been subject to a show-cause order by the LTO, you might want to find and go to the LTO office nearest you. Feel that you and your driving are being unfairly singled out? Read check out our guide to how you can contest traffic violations. Sources: The Philippine Daily Inquirer