What You Need To Know, And What To Expect When You Sign Up For Metrobank Online

While almost all banks have the option to make banking activities via the internet, one of the most complete online banking platforms around is Metrobank online.

At first, Metrobank’s internet banking platform may look intimidating. But once you learn the basic features of their online services, as well as what makes it stand out from its competitors, you’ll be happy that you know about it.

Ready to know more about Metrobank Direct personal online banking? We’ve got you covered in this concise walk-through of its features.

Registering for a Metrobank online account

Signing up for a Metrobank online account is easy. For existing account holders of the bank, you can either register via its portal or head to the nearest Metrobank branch to fill out an application form.

Once your application has been verified and approved, you will get a notification. You can now log in your newly created account.

To create a Metrobank savings account, you have to submit the following requirements:

  • At least one of the following valid IDs that bear the person’s photo and:
    o Police Clearance
    o Passport
    o Barangay Clearance
    o Voter’s ID
    o NBI Clearance
    o Senior Citizen Card
    o PRC
    o Postal ID
    o Philhealth
    o Driver’s License
    o Other Government issued IDs
  • Initial deposit of P2,000 for ATM savings account applicants

Once you’ve created a deposit account, you can follow the steps above to create your Metrobank Direct account.

What are the features of Metrobank online banking?

More than just an online account checker, the portal serves as a one-stop portal for all the banking needs of the customer. Among the great features packed in a Metrobank Direct account are the following:

1. Connect different types of account for easier management

Putting all your eggs in one basket is a dangerous move, which is financial experts highly advise people to hedge your bets and put your money in different investment vehicles.

With the help of Metrobank Direct, customers can manage all their Metrobank accounts under the same online platform. Among the types of the accounts you can enroll are the following:

  • Deposit accounts
  • ATM savings account
  • Foreign currency savings account
  • Peso checking account
  • Time deposit account
  • Metrobank credit card account

Connecting any of your Metrobank accounts is so easy. You can open a new account via the Metrobank Direct platform and transfer funds from your one account to another with a click of a mouse button.

2. Get free online statement of account

Paperless statements of account are the new thing. Aside from being environmentally friendly, online account statements also are instantaneous, which means you no longer have to watch your mail to avoid late payments and see how your account stands as it is now.

What can you find on your statement of account? Aside from your standard-issue bank statements received via mail, Metrobank’s all-in-one portal also comes with other new features such as a breakdown of your transactions for a certain day, penalties for late payment on credit cards, among others.

3. Rest easy with additional security features

Talk about your money being in good hands. To make sure that customers will track every transaction they make, Metrobank online has a feature that shows when your account is logged in and out. This will allow you to see if there are unauthorized access on your account. You can report them easily for your protection.

Metrobank also makes use of one-time passwords sent on your mobile device. For instance, when you create a new account, the platform will tell you that to complete the transaction, you have to key in the one-time password their system sent to your mobile phone. These features may add more steps to your actions, but they’re definitely worth the beefed-up security.

4. Invest in stock market and mutual funds in the blink of an eye

Getting in the stock market may seem intimidating to some people, but through the portal, Metrobank customers can get through the velvet rope with much ease.

Through the portal, you can easily put your money in your First Metro Securities Brokerage Corporation (FirstMetroSec), which is part of the Metrobank Group.

To start venturing in the stock market, you need to enroll a peso savings on the Metrobank portal or checking account in FirstMetroSec’s online trading platform.

First, create an account at FirstMetroSec’s website, print your application, and bring the necessary documents to your depository branch. Once your account has been successfully created, you can now begin buying stocks!

5. Pay bills online with your Metrobank account

Who wants to queue up just to pay their electricity or credit card bills? If we can pay off our obligations more conveniently, then we’ll have more time for really important stuff. Metrobank’s bills payment section will do all the heavy lifting for you.

To register a biller, simply go to the portal and add one. Once you’ve enrolled your account—which can range from a wide variety of services such as electricity, water, cable and internet, credit card, and even university tuition—select a certain account you wish to pay and that’s it.

If you want to crank up the convenience, you can set it to auto-debit which gives your online account the power to automatically pay your bills before you even know about it.