How to Save Money with Fitness Equipment and Facilities?

When you’re going full-time in fitness, sometimes not even your old pair of running shoes are enough. Sometimes, you need to shell out serious money to purchase equipment and enroll in fitness facilities such as gyms and yoga studios.While you may need to spend money for fitness, this doesn’t mean that you need to rupture your wallet. How can you save with your fitness gear and subscriptions? Here are a few workarounds to stay economical when you buy your workout paraphernalia and other fitness stuff.

Shop practically, not visually

You may be entranced by those colors and the fancy features advertised by some running shoes, but when you look at the price tag, you’ll be surprised how expensive a pair of shoes are. When you’re scouting for your fitness gear like clothing, shoes, and other accessories, do not get swayed by the eye candies such as fancy specifications and bright colors. Instead, be practical when buying shoes. For instance, look for shoes that offer maximum comfort and durability when you use them. Be practical when shopping and not get influenced by the colors and designs.

Do not be afraid to invest in durable items

While we may discourage you from shelling out unnecessarily for gym equipment purely because of their visual appeal, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t invest in durable equipment. For instance, you may be inclined to buy second-hand shoes from a thrift shop shop for a steal, but the shoes may already be worn out and may break merely after several uses. The same goes with other equipment: bags, yoga mats, gym clothes, and others. Remember, it’s better to pay a good amount if you’re getting a very sturdy product instead of getting something cheaply—at the cost of durability. In the long term, going cheap may cost you in the long run.

Check out outlet stores of sporting apparel

Sporting apparel like shoes, shorts, performance shorts, and other clothing articles are expensive because they are made of stronger materials due to their constant exposure to intense activities. While you should not skimp on these items, there are better alternatives to get them cheaply. Outlet stores, where manufacturers directly sell their items, are good places to hunt for marked down items. Some items even go as low as fifty percent of the retail price. So if you’re stocking some serious gym clothing, you should hit the outlet stores.

Join fitness clubs during “slow season”

Whether gym owners like it or not, there are lean seasons for such clubs even if new fitness fads pop out every now and then. For most gyms, the times when these fitness studios are packed with eager people are after Christmas season until the end of summer. After the said period, expect gyms to witness a drop in the number of subscribers—and gyms come up with promos to compensate for the loss of customers. Because of these, it is a good idea to apply for a gym pass because they are discounted. Take advantages of slow season promos and you can save a lot.

Compare facilities and prices of gyms of same category

Let’s face it: a lot of gyms in the country offer the same usual facilities: stationary bikes, treadmills, weights station, and other gym staples are the basic consistencies of all gyms. For instructor-centered fitness facilities like yoga studios, the instructor is the best asset of the facility. When you’re going to enroll in a fitness gym, make sure to shop around instead of settling for the most convenient one. You’ll be surprised how competitive the rates of other gyms are, and this will save you thousands per year.

Avoid gyms with lock-in contracts

A lot of gyms require you to sign a formal contract with them, locking you with their service for a certain period of time regardless of the circumstances. And when you want them to release you from binding for reasons such as poor service, as well as dissatisfaction with their equipment. You have to pay them a hefty fee to be able to get out of their ironclad grasps. To avoid these kinds of scenario, you might want to avoid gyms with lock-in contracts. Fortunately, there are fitness centers that allow you to subscribe on a monthly basis so you can leave anytime you want.

Health is wealth, but you don’t have to shell out tons of money to stay fit. Keep in mind that you can stay healthy and fit without even losing a fortune and you’ll be surprised how much money you’ve saved and how many calories you’ve burned.